Ombre nail art is a smart art, a style that first created waves as hair coloring technique. Ombre nail art or ombre in general brings out an effect wherein color gradient is formed. In other words, in ombre nail art lighter shade of nail art is applied on top of the nails which are blended into a darker tone at the tip. Also known as gradient technique, ombre nail art defines a certain kind of casualness in style for there is hard and fast rule to get them painted. Rather it is this ease in style which has made it a rage in recent times among nail artists and nail art lovers alike. Such is the uniqueness and variety of style in this technique that you already have hundreds of looks at your disposal to try out plus few more that your creative streak can paint!

Among The Many Ombre Nail Looks, Here Are 10 Must Try Ones:

1. Black And Red Matte gradient

The exceptionally brilliant gradient to use matte effect will simply leave you floored. The top of the nails goes blood red whereas the tip is sort of demarcated with black. As two primary colors are brought to play, the matte finish only gets a very rational look. Obviously, it’d better if you stay away from applying a sheen coat on the nails.

Black and Red Matte gradient

2. Watermelon Ombre

For starters, this is a perfect textbook example of ombre nail art, and pretty easy to follow too. You will obviously start with the color scheme that you see in watermelon fruit but if you want a stretch in style then go for pink and green watermelon. Detailing in this particular ombre is what people will have a close eye on. So make sure you reap praises for sowing watermelon seeds at the right areas.

Watermelon ombre

3. Pink And Yellow Ombre

This look has gotten attention of many due to its pleasantly simple style of ombre. Whether you choose to paint pink at the tip and yellow on the top and vice versa, there is no denying the fact that the gradient will look radiant! Blunt end nails also look pretty cute with this pattern on.

Pink and yellow ombre

4. Bridal Design Ombre

This bridal design ombre nail art is what you need if attending a wedding. The best colors to opt for this look are maroon, red, gold and silver. Dabbing maroon with black also gives a perfect backdrop to do the dotted detailing with gold and silver. Going dark to light shades is pretty much heart and soul of the nail art that goes well with anything worn in red.

Bridal design ombre

5. Rainbow Diagonal Ombre

Rainbow ombre look rested on black background is one look that you absolutely got to try. But the trick is somewhat a wicked one. You need to start with coloring your nails with vibgyor’s colors in vertical lines. Camouflage the entire rainbow pattern with black nail paint. Put a duct tape diagonally on your nails post drying and remove the tape to reveal the rainbow effect.

Rainbow diagonal ombre

6. Animal Print Ombre

Have fun with the colors and get a colorful zebra pattern for yourself with this animal print ombre. To get the intense color coat, make sure you put the coat thrice. If you really run out of the animal print ideas, there is always a savior in the form of polka dots ombre.

Animal print ombre

7. Neon Ombre 

No other ombre nail would glitter in the dark as much as neon ombre looks. Neon ombre nail look uses tons of green shades to complete the most spectacularly dazzling combo so it can have the lighter shades do the talking much as the forest green hue.

Neon Ombre

8. Bright Blue And White Ombre

Simple yet stunning, bright blue and white ombre takes inspiration from the underwater hues which are pretty evident in the subtle effect that it eventually uses. But you have to be very wary about the gradient effect to ensure that white is not compromised.

Bright blue and white ombre

9. Galactic Ombre

Just the finesse of this nail looks will leave you spellbound, for it uses black, silver and ash colors so intricately that the outer space effect you get is, well, out of the world! Try some sprinkling shade effect too.

Galactic ombre

10. French Ombre

It’s back to the roots with French ombre which is second to none. French ombre basically does the trick with use nail’s natural color itself. As opposed to other hombre no striking contrast could be seen, it is just a hint of gradient effect that is for all to see.

French ombre

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