10 Natural Scents That Women Should Use To Attract Men


10 Natural Scents That Women Should Use To Attract Men

If you ask a woman about five essential things that she cannot do without, the perfume will definitely find a place in the list. Every perfume has its own characteristics. Floral scents symbolize elegance, friendship, femininity and romance. Wearing citrus scents may motivate you to become productive at your workplace. However, most women care much about which scent would be the most attractive one to men. Perfumes with natural ingredients attract men towards women. If you wish to impress your man, you should purchase a perfume containing natural ingredients.

Scents That You Should Go For Impressing Men:


Perfume made of sandalwood is popular among women. When you wear this scent, you become romantic and at the same time, you feel relaxed. Sandalwood bears warming smell that attracts men. Next time, wear this scent and you will find that your partner will praise you highly.



Vanilla is the scent that attracts men greatly. Vanilla arouses sensual feelings. It acts as a libido enhancer and reduces stress level. Try this scent for displaying indulgence, warmth and comfort.

Vanilla perfume


Lavender helps in moderating mood. This fragrance also raises comfort and romantic level. That is why many men are attracted toward women who wear this perfume.

Lavender perfume


Violets possess a charming smell. Therefore, many women wear this scent. Violets symbolize femininity, romance and love.

Violets perfume


Musk is a kind of scent, which is often used in women’s perfumes. Musk is sensual and warming. It also arouses romantic feelings. That is why many men get attracted toward women wearing this fragrance.



Many women love to use perfumes having extracts of orchids. Orchids are floral and produce warm, light smell. This fragrance is used for symbolizing elegance, indulgence and romance.

Orchids perfume


Perfume made of orange appears sweet, fresh and appealing. This fragrance arouses romantic senses among men.

Orange perfume


Men become curious for women using jasmine perfume. It is a floral scent and produces a romantic sensation.

Jasmine perfume

Lily Of The Valley

Lily of the Valley is a fragile flowering plant. It produces a sweet fragrance. This perfume is ideal for displaying your feminineness and romantic feeling.

Lily Of The Valley perfume


It is hard to believe that smell of spices such as cinnamon can attract men toward women, but scientifically it has been proven. Cinnamon bears aphrodisiac property. If you want to fetch praises from men while partying, purchase a brand that contains cinnamon. You have got some idea on natural scents and their purposes. Now, you should know how to use these scents in order to impress men.

Cinnamon perfume

Use Perfume On Clothing

Perfumes containing natural ingredients does not harm your clothes. Just spray on your gown, sweater, shirt or other dresses. It sticks on your dress all the day and would not get washed off with sweat. You can wear a perfume in another way. Spray some perfume into air and walk through the mist.

Use Perfume On Clothing

Apply Scent On Your Hair

If you do not like to wear perfume on neck and wrist, you can straight away apply it on your hair. This method will also prevent jewelry to been exposed to the perfume and keep them away from getting tarnished. The perfume will cling to your hair strands all day and you will feel relaxed.

Apply perfume On hair

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Go For Layering

Layering is not only applicable for clothes, but it can be used for perfumes too. In this process, you have to collect different perfumes and pile them together to create a single fragrance. If you are facing difficulty in selecting perfumes, you can always approach a perfume expert, who can guide you in a better way.

Go For Layering perfume

Backs Of Your Knees

Many women love to wear scent on wrists and backs. If you have developed skin complications in those areas, do not worry. You can apply perfume on the back of your knees. Spraying a bit on the back of your knee produces the desired outcome and prevents your jewelry from getting tarnished.

Backs Of Your Knees

Wear Scent On Feet

You have heard that most of the medicinal oils are applied on feet for treating health complications. You can also use perfumes on your feet. Feet remain warm. Therefore, they allow the fragrance to spread in the air.



If you think that applying perfume on your clothes would spoil the fabric, there is another option. Spray some perfume on your handkerchief and tie it around your wrist. With the movements of your hand, the handkerchief will release the fragrance.


These are the ways, with which you should wear scent. First, decide the purpose of the wear and then select a perfume. Wearing a scent keeps your mind cheerful and attracts men in a great way.

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