10 Most Universal Modern Shag Haircut

Since decades, the shag haircuts are followed by numerous ladies for adding volume, style and beauty to the hair. The shag haircuts are extremely stylish and provide a stunning look. The stunning layers and the perfect edges of the shag haircuts are just mesmerizing. Shag haircuts have always been revolutionized and have become famous for the ladies with different types of hair. From blonde to brunette, from medium length to long voluminous hair, this amazing shag haircut looks stylish and glamorous on each of these hair styles. If you are too impressed by this gorgeous style and want an amazing, trendy and stylish haircut, go through this amazing list of shag haircut suggestions and select the best suitable haircut style for your hair.

Here Are 10 Most Universal Modern Shag Haircut 

1. Medium Length Shag

This awesome medium length shag looks perfectly redefining and gorgeous. If you have medium length hair and do not want to cut down the length, you can try this amazing shag on your medium length hair. The perfect layers and the stylish sleek flicks would make you look extremely adorable and beautiful. Try this awesome shag and flaunt your stylish look with proud!

 Medium Length Shag

2. Amazing Shag With Jagged Edges

Do you love this look of perfectly dazzling jagged edges and adorable layer? We too can swear on this awesome hair style which is just extremely stylish and classy. If you love sharp edges and perfectly sleek and shiny flicks, try this amazing haircut and look simply awesome. No worries if you have low volume hair just trim it into amazing layers and style it into jagged edges and look absolutely flawless.

Amazing Shag With Jagged Edges

3. Long Sleek Shag

If you have fine long hair and want a stylish and trendy look, try this awesome hairstyle with beautiful centre partition and sleek layers. Redefine your layers into such stylish and gorgeous variation which would make you look perfectly trendy, stylish and gorgeous. The perfect ends and the stunning look this hairstyle provides are simply stunning.

Long Sleek Shag

4. Stunning Shoulder Length Wavy Shag

If you have thick and beautifully voluminous hair, you can try this awesome variation of stylish shag and can get a glamorous and beautiful look. This look perfectly suits the thick and wavy hair. Nothing looks more stunning than these amazing waves and the perfectly thick flicks. These amazing bangs are just awesome and look adorable and fresh.

Stunning Shoulder Length Wavy Shag

5. Extremely Straight Shag

If you love perfectly straight and sleek hair, here is an amazing variation of shag for you. Especially if you have medium length hair with amazing volume, you can try this stunning version of shag and can look stunning. Perfect straight hair looks extremely stylish and gorgeous and so does this awesome hairstyle. Try this amazing look and flaunt your adorable hair.

Extremely Straight Shag

6. Curly Shag Hair

Have a lot of curls and swirls in hair? No worries! The shag hair style is for everyone. So like the sleek and wavy hair types, the shag looks stunning o the curly hair too. If you have thin and curly hair, you must try this awesome variation of shags and look adorable. For medium to short length hair, this amazing hair style is for everyone. You can style some of your bangs into thin and soft curls for getting a stunning look.


7. Shaggy Bob

If you have short and lovely bobs, you can yet try with this amazing shaggy hairstyle. The shag haircut eventually looks more stunning on the bobs. Styling the hair beautifully into crispy edged and bangs would make your hair look awesome and stylish. Try this amazing variation and combination of bob and shaggy layers and give your personality a rich and stylish twist.

Shaggy Bob

8. Stunning Layered Shag With Pretty Flicks

If you have amazingly silky and thin hair, you can try with this amazing haircut. Trim your hair into medium size layers followed with pretty and stylish flicks. The stunning look would enrich your personality and would provide a stylish twist to your hair. If you are bored with the casual hair styles and looks, you can try this amazing look and flaunt your perfectly stunning hair.

Stunning Layered Shag With Pretty Flicks

9. Beautiful Feathered Shag

Feathered shags are extremely pretty and gorgeous. If you have extremely thick and voluminous tresses, you can try this amazing and stylish hair cut. Tri your hair into shoulder length feathers and layers and trim the beautiful flicks. This stunning combination of layers and feathers would provide you a glamorous and trendy look.

Feathered Shag

10. Extremely Sleek And Layered Shag

If you love extremely sleek and layered hair, try this celeb style hair look. This is a perfect hair style which you can try on your short hair and get a stylish, classy and rocking look. Try this amazing variation and look perfectly gorgeous.

Sleek And Layered Shag

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