10 Most Popular Bob Hairstyles For Girls

Bob haircut is the most demanding and lovable hairstyle among the females especially young girls of the fashionable world. Bob hairdo suits well to every type of face shape and looks stylish on different types of hairs including long hair, textured, layered and even short hairs too. Bob haircut is an attractive hairdo that adds a touch of glamour to the personality of its adopter and keeps them completely refreshed for every event. For the lovers of Bob hairstyle.

Here Are 10 Awesome Picks Which Will Definitely Give Them Perfect Look With Bangs For Such Stunning Look:

1. Red Smooth Bob Hairdo

This is an attractive bob hairdo which you can attain easily after washing and drying of your hair followed by applying smoothening serum at the end after application of root filter on the crown. After applying serum, you must create side parting of your hair and then tucking your hair inwards with an aid of a small round brush. For giving a final glamorous touch to your hairdo, you must apply a polishing cream to partitioned hairs.

Red Smooth Bob Hairdo

2. Boo Bob Hairdo With Asymmetric Bangs

This is also a titular bob hairstyle which you can attain by applying a straightening gel to your hairs after washing and drying them off followed by blow drying the bangs forward. You must iron your bangs by using a flat iron after straying of your hairs with a heat protecting stray. For giving a final finishing, you must apply a top quality serum to your bangs as it will boost confidence in your personality thereby making your hairstyle charming for other.

Boo Bob Hairdo With Asymmetric Bangs

3. The Beach Babe Blend Waves Bob Hairstyle

This is also a cool hairdo for lovers of bob hairdo. You can attain it washing, drying of your hair followed by spraying it using a texturizer. Now smooth your bangs by using a paddle brush and smoothening rest of your hair with a flat iron. After this, apply a heat protectant stray and gives your hair a final finishing with serum to your mossy hair for completing your hairdo.

The Beach Babe Blend Waves Bob Hairstyle

4. The Long Layered Bob With Front View Bangs

This is a fantastic bob hairdo which you can achieve by drying your hair and combing followed by smoothening the bangs after blowing dryer on hairs. For giving a smooth polished look to your hairstyle, you must use a concentrator followed by flat ironing and use of hair spray.

The Long Layered Bob With Front View Bangs

5. The Fringe Curly Bob Hairstyle

This is a popular be hairdo for girls with side view bangs which you can attain with washing, drying and straying up of hair using a volumizer followed by making side sections of your hair from bottom to top by rolling it upward with an aid of a paddle brush. After this step, make bangs and backward curls of your hair thereby finally giving a best finishing to your bangs with a hairspray.

The Fringe Curly Bob Hairstyle

6. The Princess Bob Hairdo

This bob hairstyle for girls can be attained by applying straightening hair cream after washing and drying hair using a flat paddle. After this, you must use a flat iron for giving smoothness to your haircut and finally making bangs of it.

The Princess Bob Hairdo

7. The Egyptian Bob Having Straight Bangs

This hairstyle is also easily achievable with the same steps of above bob hairstyles. However in this bob haircut, heat protectant is needed to be applied after brushing and drying of hair in sections and then giving a final finishing to the hairstyle with a serum.

The Egyptian Bob Having Straight Bangs

8. Sexy Bob With Bangs

This haircut can be attained with washing, drying and applying serum to dry hair and then applying pomade to it for giving a smoothing look to it.

Sexy Bob With Bangs

9. The Curly Bob With Bangs

This hairdo is attained with the use of a texturizing stray after its washing and drying. After this step, hairs are dried in sections with a paddle brush and its curls are made using a curling iron. For giving a final touch to the hairdo, hair serum is applied and curls are broke with fingers.

The Curly Bob With Bangs

10. The Stack Bob Hairdo

This hairdo for women is a very simple but elegant bob hairstyle which is accomplished with washing and drying of hair followed by applying smoothening serum to them and then applying pomade for making your hairstyle much smooth, stunning and free from cowlicks factor.

Stack Bob Hairdo

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