10 Most Flattering Vintage Hairstyle For Women

There are a few things which come into style and rage and dissipate after a while and along with the likes of clothing, home furnishings and shoes, hair style has the same fate in the long run. However the fact remains that all that was old or getting get today comes back later in a refurbished version to bring on the rage with it. Thus, here we are with some of the most flattering vintage hairstyles for women which once were a rage and still are a rage among the women fraternity come what may!

Some Of The Most Flattering Vintage Hairstyles For Women Are Discussed Below

1. The Stylish Hippie Chic Look

This hairdo looks almost great with any kind of face cut; however straight hairs are all that you would need to replicate this lovely look from the vintage era. To recreate this you would need to do the parting off centre and then take a few strands to create braids at the sides and add a hair band and you are done with élan! Simple yet trendy, isn’t it?

The Stylish Hippie Chic Look

2. The Big Hair Trend Of 1980’s

Whilst the 80’s are known to bring about a lot of change in women fashion circuit, the big hair trend goes ahead in all of it where it brought with it bigger curls and a soft feminine hair style. This hair style is all about giving the hairs big and huge curls at the ends and looks great on any face cut. However just try it out in case you have thick to medium hairs as it flourishes in the same.

 The Big Hair Trend Of 1980’s

3. The James Dean Style Inspired Pomp Look

A style envisioned and tried out by James Dean in his times, this hairdo has been given a modern touch with colour and texture in here where this hair style looks good in face cuts including heart shaped, oval as well as diamond cuts. You may give it a shot in case you have a wavy or straight manes with a medium density. To do this, you would need to instruct your stylist to get the side small crops well where the other side is done with a lot of textures. Perfect!


4. The Hairdo Inspired From Gibson Girl

A perfect hairdo from the 1890’s times, this hair cut is sure to turn heads and look equally awesome on any face cut for sure. This messy yet textured hairdo can be easily replicated on any face cut by giving the hairs nice texture and then upturning all and secure with some bobby pins at the back. That’s as easy as that!


5. The Finger Wave Hair Style

This one is sure of the hair styles from the vintage era which has managed to stay on whatever the time or the era. To do this you would surely need to have a long length of manes to get a bun secured at the back whilst the frontal hairs are made into waves at one of the sides using curlers and hair sprays, while you are sure not to forget pins right?


6. Rolls All The Way

This hair style from the 40’s is sure to get you that confident look for sure! This hairdo is all about curls and placing the pins at the right place and thus make sure that you use curlers well and the sprays with good spirit. This evergreen hairdo looks amazing when tried on medium to thick manes and looks great on face cuts like the diamond, round as well as diamond shapes.


7. The Famous Rosie The Riveter Style

One of the tough hairdos’ to pull off of the earlier times, the Rosie the Riveter hairdo is one of the styles that interest almost all women across the world. To do this you would need a bandana and a ponytail holder and then just do it and seal it with bright red lipstick and you are done. All face cuts and hairs are fine until you can fix a pony to look good with this.

The Famous Rosie The Riveter Style

8. Mod Textured Hair Style

This one is easy to recreate with long straight manes paired with mod bangs and looks just about stunning with face shapes such as diamond and oval. The best way to make sure of the look not going hay ware is trying this on medium dense and naturally straight hairs.

 Mod Textured Hair Style

9. Pixie Is The Way

This short crop seems to pick up from the vintage era where it looks great on medium thick hairs and an oval face and needs less to style after the cut. A little styling cream and your fingers and you are sorted.


10. The Blunt Look Bob Hairdo

Looks best on long shaped faces, to recreate this perfect bob hairdo what you all need is a hair stylist along with the use of a good straightener and you are sorted for better. Should we say more?

Blunt Look Bob Hairdo