10 Most Flattering Hime Cut Hairstyle For Women

The “Hime Cut” is a well-known Japanese hair style which is also known as “Hime Katto” and is known world over as the ‘Princess Cut” as well. Looks great when tried by the women all over, here we have brought to you some of the great Hime cuts that you may try out.

Some Of The Most Flattering Hime Cuts For Women Are Discussed Below

1. The Black Hime Look

This is truly for the lover of hime hairstyles where this hair do is set to make you feel gleaming under the same. The shiny black manes and the slightly bent fringes add that special appeal to this hair cut and do all at the same time! Ah so gorgeous!

The Black Hime Look

2. The Straight And Long Hime Cut

This is yet another amazing hime hair style which is a welcome modification of the classic hime cut. A great choice for the women with a triangular face cut, this one is almost simple with long and straight hairs but with just a different look in the side locks; they are little on the longer sides than usual.


3. Brown Hime Cut Minus The Sharpness

This is surely for the ones who would love to sport the hime cut but minus the extreme sharp ends. For them this would suit the best where the shoulder length fringes, the curved ends and the arched junctions will make this cut look extremely different yet chic! Try this one if you have got the attitude in you!

 Brown Hime Cut Minus The Sharpness

4. The Shiny And Silky Hime Cut

In case your hairs are naturally glossy and silky straight, this one might suit you the best. This hime cut is for the polished hair people where the hairs sparkle under a dark brown shade and are cut perfectly into three types, long back tresses, frontal fringes and side locks in place.

The Shiny And Silky Hime Cut

5. Curly Hime Look With Highlights

In case your manes are on the curlier side do not feel that the hime cut has just ditched you. This hair style will suffice for all that you must feel where the look is all about curly locks at the hair base and ends whereas the side swept fringes can be straightened and yes the last part is about highlighting the manes well in contrast. Do not possibly forget to accessories your manes well to get this look right.



6. The Classical Hime Look

This is the classic hime hair cut where the manes are straight and the sides are made into locks which are cut up till the jaw line and some of the short fringes cover the forehead region which stops just ahead of touching the eyebrows. The back hairs can be as long as you want but looks best till about waist length.

The Classical Hime Look

7. The Baby Doll Look Hime Cut

Umm, I know this is usually given to the kids but you can also try this off in case you are blessed with a oval to round face cut and your manes are one the shorter sides. There is just about only one trick here while you try this cut and that is you should not let the side locks touch the cheekbones. Colour your manes in a subtle one and rock it on.


8. Wavy And Long Hime Hair Style

Straight hairs are the bottom line rule for a hime cut right, but just as we discussed ahead we can change the rule and get ours on board isn’t it? As we did with curly hairs, this one sports hime with wavy and long manes where it looks as stunning and great as ever! Get the back into a V shape and get the waves fine- tuned to make heads turn for you. Accessorize or colour your manes as you like it.

Wavy And Long Hime Hair Style

9. Naturally Curly Blond Hime Hair Style

In case you are a blond naturally and have naturally beautiful curls, do not waste it and try the hime cut which utilizes all this and gives you a different look. Just cut your frontal tresses into fringes just below the eyebrows and let your curls fall by your sides as usual and see how stylish and sexy you may look!


Naturally Curly Blond Hime Hair Style

10. Hime Hair Style For Thick Manes

This one is surely cool and chic a hairdo which is a slight change from the traditional hime hair style. Check the side bangs which replaces the usual straight fringes and the rest of the manes cut into thick layers. Love it? Try this out with élan if you are gifted with heavy and thick hairs for sure.

 Hime Hair Style For Thick Manes