10 Micro Braids Hairstyles

Micro braid hairstyles are just amazingly trending and glorious hairstyles. This season, the girls have experimented with this awesome hairstyle and have obtained a refreshing and fun look. if you want to look extremely trendy, fresh and stunning this season, adapt this wide trend of carrying amazing micro braid hairstyles and look flourishingly cool and funky. Either you have lustrous long hair or thin and medium length hair, the amazing micro braids hairstyles are available in numerous variations which you must try and consider. For a casual and outing look or for a party and formal look, these amazing hairstyles would complement any occasion and would make you look breathtakingly stylish and trendy. Try these inspiring, cool and completely unique variations of micro braids and look jaw dropping.

Here Are 10 Micro Braids Hairstyles

1. Micro Braids With Side Shave

If you have always been a trendy and fashionable star, you must try this extremely trendy and stylish micro braid variation and look amazing. The side shaved hair is the latest trend which can beautifully be blended with the micro braids. The side parted braids would make your entire look fascinating and cool for sure.

Micro Braids With Side Shave

2. Waves With Micro Braids

If you love that extremely attractive and stylish wavy hair, you must try this fascinating hairstyle which would make you fall in love with the trendy micro braids. Tie your front hair into amazing micro braids and stylishly curl and wave your rest hair. This look is perfectly stunning and suitable for an evening party which would make you look dazzling all the time.

Waves With Micro Braids

3. Amazing Beach Waves With Side Micro Braids

If you love the amazing beach waves, and have the perfectly lustrous and voluminous hair for the perfect beach waves, this season try something new and accompany the beach waves with stunning micro braids. You can also create a half updo with a stylish micro braid pinned backside and the stunning beach waves left open and loose flaunting in the front.

Amazing Beach Waves With Side Micro Braids

4. Micro Braids With A High Bun

High buns look extremely stunning and glorious. Especially if you are wearing the attires which flaunt your back and shoulders you must get this awesome hairstyle. If you are wearing a stunning backless or strapless outfit, complement it with this beautiful high bun made out of stunning micro braids and look ravishingly beautiful this season.

Micro Braids With A High Bun

5. Stunning Disney Buns With Micro Braids

This is such a glorious and beautiful hairstyle which you can get with amazing micro braids. If you love these charming and glorious Disney buns, you must try this awesome way to get pretty and freshly styled Mickey Mouse style buns. Try this awesome hairstyle and get a cool, trendy and immensely stunning look this season

Stunning Disney Buns With Micro Braids

6. Fauxhawk With Micro Braids

This season, the Mohawk hairstyles have been extremely famous and so is this awesome fauxhawk hairstyle. This amazing hairstyle created with stunning micro braids have been stealing the hearts of people with a unique and cool impact. Try something new from this awesome look and get the complements from everyone.

Fauxhawk With Micro Braids

7. Micro Braid Pony Tail

If you are a lover of stunning pony tails, here is a simple and stunning hairstyle which you can get with amazing micro braids. This glorious and beautiful micro braids tied in a cute pony tailed look completely adorable and stylish. If you want a casual look with the micro braids, try this awesome pony tail and look unique and stylish.

 Micro Braid Pony Tail

8. One Sided Braid With Styled Shave

This is another glorious and gorgeous variation of the stunning hairstyles which you can consider. This amazing hairstyle with a side parted braids and shaved side’s looks perfectly adorable. The shaved side with pattern and the glorious micro braids is just awesome. Try this cool and trendy hairstyle and look perfectly dazzling and stylish.


9. Stunning Micro Braid Updo

If you want a glorious hairstyle for a wedding or for a high end party, you must go with this awesome and amazingly breathtaking hairstyle. The beautiful micro braids wrapped into stunning updo would enhance your entire look and make you appear perfectly stylish, elegant and cool. Try this awesome and sophisticated micro braid hairstyle and become a trend setter.

Stunning Micro Braid Updo

10. Amazing Micro Braided Half Updo

If you love the charming and leasing half updo’s you must try this awesome hairstyle with micro braids. The glorious and trendy look this amazing hairstyle provides is just stunning and breathtaking. If you want a stylish cool and funky teenager look for your college, you must consider this awesome hairstyle and look perfectly trendy and mesmerising.

Amazing Micro Braided Half Updo

The above mentioned hairstyles will look fantastic, if done perfectly.

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