10 Mermaid Nail Art Ideas 

Accessories and styling; something that the girl’s world of fashion will never run out of, so far as bringing in variety is concerned. Apart from the regulars like lip gloss for lips, foundation for face and bags to flaunt, nails are also making their presence felt thanks to nail art ideas. Nail art has been going big and they are expected to go even bigger. Nail art ideas that use the strong protective cell layer of your fingers as a small canvas wherein you can depict the best of designs and stylish patterns. Of the hundreds of ideas that are available for nail art, mermaid pattern or design is surely one of the more adorable ones. How many of you can forget the endearingly cute Ariel, the beautiful princess of The Little Mermaid? Well you got that right, mermaid nail art ideas hover a lot around them.

Pick The One You Love From The 10 Mermaid Nail Art Ideas Listed Below

1. Fish Scales

Underwater world is the kingdom of the mermaids, fishes are their best companions. So spread the magic of the beauty of their friendship with fish scale pattern as mermaid nail art idea. This nail art is your best mechanism to portray on nails and they are pretty easy to paint too. For fish scale, colors may be limited but the effect that it creates surely is not.

Fish Scales

2. The Little Mermaid Characters

They were a hit back in the day; they are a hit even now. Not just Ariel, you also have the blabbering crab Sebastian and the vibrant Flounder for your nails to have them painted on. For more underwater effect for the art, paint the backdrop of the nails in sky blue.

The Little Mermaid Characters

3. Fishtail Nail Art

Expected to water your mouth more than heaping praise for them; fishtail nail art is a hit straightaway. Not because it looks beautiful on the nails, thanks to the elongated design, they are a step ahead in making most unique statement. The only caution to be maintained is that they are meant to be worn on occasions and that they should be applied on the less used arm.

Fishtail Nail Art

4. Pebbles And Stones

Another element that adds beauty in the underwater world, pebbles and stones are also part of mermaid nail art ideas as they let you showcase the mermaid’s habitat. And you have all the liberty and license to do whatever you want in terms of shapes and sizes. Not to mention patterns too!

Pebbles And Stones

5. Oyster Shell Nail Art

How can you forget them when discussing mermaids? We all have seen plenty of oyster shells in the movies as the mermaids swim across the water. As a single object nail art, oyster shell says it all about mermaid nail art ideas without being loud. Another nice idea would be having oyster shell and pearl in repeat pattern in all ten fingers!

Oyster Shell Nail Art

6. Bubble Effect Nail Art

Not enlisting them would have burst the bubbles for many! Bubble effect as mermaid nail art idea is very relatable and they look very interesting a pattern. Bubble effect can be further elevated to a different level if they are shown to be oozing out from underwater greenies.

Bubble Effect Nail Art

7. Sea Blue Nails

For the eternal minimalist in you, nothing can be better than sea blue as color to go for a nail art. They are most conspicuous, look good day in and day out and are very pleasing to the eyes. More and more nail art lovers are opting for sea blue colors for a start and they seem to like it!

Sea Blue Nails

8. Crystal Pearls

They glitter the right way and stand out for they don’t use nail colors alone. Crystal pearls look like a piece of ornate art that will get anything but attention from the lookers. Whether you want the total area to be covered or want to add only a few of them, the effect is magical anyway.

Crystal Pearls

9. Dotted Background Mermaid

This is pretty new to the concept and has lots of novelty going for it. Dotted background can be creates by using dotting tools available in the market. You can also add stickers for more definition in the art.

Dotted Background Mermaid

10. Glittery Mermaid Nails

Not colors, not glitters. It is just the shape of the nails we are talking about. Smart and neat cut on the edges and some cleansing around the cuticles and finally adding shimmery nail paint completes the mermaid nails effect in the most… glittering way to say the least!

Glittery Mermaid Nails

The above mentioned ten mermaid nail ideas are surely going to make a huge difference in the look of your nails. So, try them out and flaunt your nails among everyone.

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