10 Luxurious Louis Vuitton Bags For Ladies

Attractive bags now a days are status symbol for each lady, many company manufactures the bags, hand bags, purses but Louis Vuitton is known to be one of the trusted, luxurious and expensive brand in the world, it manufactures the bags from many decades, these bags are eye catching because they all have a unique looks, each woman wants it to be in her wardrobe, the best thing about Louis Vuitton is that it changes its style in every season and you will get many varieties of the bags,

Here Are Some Of The Bags For The Ladies:

1. Capucines Bag:

This bag comes in pure lather and the design is so unique and classy, especially the logo of it, because the logo LV is craved in the bag itself, it has the single handle and also it has the adjustable strips on it, you can select many colors in it, pink is the best one.

Capucines Bag

2. Alma Bag:

This is known to be most expensive bag, it comes in many colors and sizes, the locking system is also good and you will get a single chain to lock out the whole bag, also you can adjust the size of the strip of the bag, the yellow color is high in demand.

Alma Bag

3. Speedy Bag:

This is the bag, you can use it in travel and for the shopping, this bag has the small handle on the top with the single chain on it, it has the big space in it, you can also order it in the size as you want with the color pattern, the logo of LV is on the bag and it looks so stylish.

Speedy Bag

4. City Steamer Bag:

This is the bag, that every lady wants and add this with her luxurious items, this comes in different colors, this also comes with the adjustable strip and with the carry handle, the logo LV is on the handle and the best part is that it has the locking system in it, the design comes in 2016 and many more variation of city steamer bag is yet to come.

City Steamer Bag

5. Never Full Bag:

If you are working professional then you will definitely want this bag, the leather is original and the best thing about this bag is that you can adjust the size of the bag by yourself, this bag can be folded from the sides, this comes with the long handles, so it is easy to carry, it comes in different colors and you can select in it.

Never Full Bag

6. Keep All:

Louis Vuitton started manufacturing the luggage bags first, as the name you can keep all the things in it, you can vary the size of the bag and it comes in different colors, the bags has the straps in it by which you can lock you bag and also the strips are long and adjustable, the leather used in it is hard and safe for you items.

 Keep All

7. Lockit Bag:

If you have the valuable items with you and want to safe it in the bag, then this is the best bag for you, the design is classy and attractive, it has the locking system on the edge of the chain and it the style is also so unique, it was launched in 2006 and then again launched in 2014 with some of the variations, the leather used in it is soft and gives you a velvet touch.

 Lockit Bag

8. Montaigne Bag:

This bag is loved by everyone because the leather used in it is so good and soft, it comes in many sizes and color, every girls wants this bag hanging on her arms, the LV logo is embedded in the leather and looks so attractive, this bag is simple and can be used anywhere.

Montaigne Bag

9. Petite Malle Bag:

This is not a bag but you can say is the bag in a little trunk design, this is a unique bag, you can place important stuff in it and this can be easily lock, the sides of this bag is made up metal and also the LV logo is embedded in the metal plate, this is most expensive brand.

Petite Malle Bag

10. Noe Bag:

The design of this bag is so unique, it comes in the dual tone color and you can order the color as you want, the strips used in it is strong and made up of pure leathers and also the leather used to make this bag is soft and it will not have any wrinkles on it, you can add much stuff in it and then tie is at the top it doesn’t has any chain to it.

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