10 Layered Bob Hairstyles

10 Layered Bob Hairstyles

Bob haircut is a popular hairstyle for women who want to have short hair. It is easy to maintain and manage a bob hairstyle. There is a huge variety possible in a bob haircut with various lengths and cuts. It is best to choose a bob that looks good with your personality and face. If you want a chic and modern look, you can consider a layered bob haircut. Choose a simple easy maintenance hairstyle or a sophisticated celebrity look. It is east to style a layered bob. Layering can be done with sleek, tousled or curly hair. There are many types of layered bob haircuts that will help you in looking good. We will suggest some hairstyles for you.

Following Are The 10 Layered Bob Hairstyles.

1. Asymmetric A-Line Bob:

Asymmetric A-Line Bob hairstyle is a youthful bob hairstyle with an asymmetrical look instead of an even style. Make this hairstyle by cutting the hair in an asymmetric bob haircut with the one side of the hair that is cut slightly long while keeping the opposite side shorter than this. This will make an asymmetrical haircut. Give an A-line shape to the hair. For styling, wet the hair with water. Use a smoothing cream. Make the hair dry with a hair dryer. Straighten the hair with a hair straightener. Apply oil on the hair.
Asymmetric A-Line Bob

2. Modern Blonde Bob:

Modern Blonde Bob hairstyle gives an urban look to the hair. For this, cut the hair in a short choppy bob haircut with layers. Besides this, make long bangs in the hair. Instead of a center parting, make a side parting. Style the layers with styling products. Apply sea salt spray on the hair. Try out different styling techniques for the desired look. Use pomades.
Modern Blonde Bob

3. Messy Texture Bob:

Messy Texture Bob hairstyle looks very nice and it is suitable for all types of hair. Cut the hair in a bob haircut with layers. Make bangs in the hair. Leave some wispy bangs. Highlight the hair strands with hair color. Style the hair. It is a unique hairstyle that will give volume to the fine hair. It is also suitable for thick hair.
Messy Texture Bob

4. Layered Bob With Long Sides:

Layered Bob With Long Sides hairstyle looks very nice on thick hair. For this look, cut the hair in a medium bob haircut with layers. Get an inverted bob cur. Cut sharp razored tips in the hair. Leave the sides of the hair on both sides long. It is a good hairstyle for women who have a round or oval face.
Layered Bob With Long Sides

5. Curly Q Bob:

Curly Q Bob hairstyle looks very nice with bob hair that is curled. Get a bob haircut with layers. After that, curl the hair with a hair curler. It will make the heavy hair look lighter. For styling, wet the hair by applying water. Use curl cream. Wipe the extra water with a cloth. Use a hair dryer to make the hair dry. Apply oil on hair. Lastly apply hairspray on the hair.
 Curly Q Bob

6. Chin Length Bob:

Chin Length Bob hairstyle has blonde strands of hair. Cut the hair in a bob haircut up to the level of the chin. Make layers in the hair. Shake the head or spread the hair with fingers to tousle it. Color the middle and end part of the hair with a blonde color. The hairstyle is easy to maintain.
Chin Length Bob

7. Angled And Textured Bob:

Angled And Textured Bob hairstyle looks very stylish and modern. For making this hairstyle, get a long bob haircut with layers. Cut the layers so that it gives a wild and messy shape. Instead of making a straight bob, make an angled bob with a textured and asymmetric look.
 Angled And Textured Bob

8. Inverted Long Bob With Waves:

Inverted Long Bob With Waves is a bob hairstyle that will look stylish and pretty. Get an inverted long bob haircut. Instead of cutting the hair straight, cut the tips of the hair blunt. Make waves in the hair and tousle it. It is suitable for a round or oval shaped face.
Inverted Long Bob With Waves

9. Smooth Bob:

Smooth Bob hairstyle is ideal for a classic and beautiful look. Cut a long layered bob up to the level of the neck. Cut face-framing fringe on the front and turn it towards the side either left or right for a side swept look. The hairstyle is suitable for all occasions. For styling, wet the hair with water. Use a hair-straightening product. Comb the hair and make it dry with a hair dryer. Divide the hair into several parts and turn the ends under. Apply shine serum.
Smooth Bob

10. Wavy Layered Crop Bob:

Wavy Layered Crop is a stylish bob hairstyle. To get this look, cut the hair in a long bob with layers. Make waves in the layers to get a wavy bob look. Fix a barrel brush on the hair curler and style the hair with it. Use a texturizing product on the hair.
Wavy Layered Crop Bob

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