10 Latest Super-Pretty Eye Makeup Products Of 2016

Eye makeup has its own glory and beauty. Cosmetic manufacturers constantly come up with amazing eye makeup products which are incredible and attractive. Women love to experiment with the eye makeup products and shades for different events. Here are some amazing eye makeup products from this year which will make your eyes look stunningly gorgeous and attractive.

Here Are 10 Latest Super-Pretty Eye Makeup Products Of 2016

1. Dior 5 Couleurs Polka Dot Summer 2016

This amazing eye shadow palette from Dior gives you the eye shadows of all colors you would need. From a glorious evening party to the workplace makeup, from sunny trip to a casual look, this palette consists the eye shadows used for every occasion. The five vibrant colors in the palette are just amazingly gorgeous. This product was launched as a limited edition and made the women go crazy.

Dior 5 Couleurs Polka Dot Summer 2016

2. Revlon Mascara Collection

This beautiful collection of mascaras from Revelon has amazing features which will give you shiny, bright and long lashes all the day long. These mascaras in different color covers come with different brushes and rollers with different uses and features. The brushes with different consistencies are for various uses where some would give you lengthy looking lashes, while some would provide you an intense and deep finish with high elevation.

Revlon Mascara Collection

3. Dusk Disco, Prism Eye Shadow In Sunset

This amazing eye contour and eye shadow palette is available at just $26 from Sephora. This beautiful 6 color palette has all the glittery and rustic shades. This elegant palette of eye shadows can be used for deep contouring of the eyes making the eyes look dusky and glorious. This palette has the colors for every occasion and especially looks gorgeous in evening and cocktail parties.

Dusk Disco, Prism Eye Shadow In Sunset

4. Illamasqua Precision Ink

This stunning eyeliner or precision ink available at just $28 in markets is a perfect choice if you like thicker and sharper eye liner. This is a waterproof liner which does not smudge into extreme conditions. The beautiful wet precision spreads over the eyes and gives a perfect shape and texture. You can wear this liner for all day long having perfectly sculpted and attractive eyes.

Illamasqua Precision Ink

5. Nude Mood Eye Shadow Palette

This amazing palette of eye shadow palette available in pink, from Bobby Brown is completely adorable. This palette will blow your mind as it contains extremely gorgeous and attractive shades of eye shadow. This palette is a personal favorite of every woman and has it in the bags. The beautiful covering and the gorgeous four shades of rustic black, shimmery copper, classy pink and elegant creamy combination is all you want! You can flaunt your eye shadow amazingly and look stunning if you have this in your handbags.

Nude Mood Eye Shadow Palette

6. Yves Saint Laurent Eyeliner Effect Faux Clis Shocking

This extremely rich and gorgeous eye liner gives an ultra sharp and shiny finish which will make your cat eyes look killer and stunning. Available at just a price of $34, this product is worth having. A single stroke of the eyeliner and you get perfectly sculpted eyes for all day long. This water proof liner ends up giving you a mild glossy and intense black effect.

Yves Saint Laurent Eyeliner Effect Faux Clis Shocking

7. Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen

The tom ford products are something we can swear upon for the best quality and results. This amazing tom ford eye defining pencil is available at $43 and is worth each penny. This pencil has two nibs of different sizes which would allow you to sculpt your eyes with thin and pretty stroke. The two sizes provide extremely sharp and high ended look. This sedge and water proof liner is surely the best product of the season.

Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen

8. Anastasia Brow Wiz

Eyebrows have a huge significance in intensifying the complete look of eye makeup. This beautiful eyebrow filler is available at a price of $21 which will give you intense and dark eyebrows in single application. This filler gives a perfect shape and rich texture to your eyebrows making it look amazingly groomed and attractive. This product comes with one side of filler and another side of shaper in soft brown shade.

Anastasia Brow Wiz

9. Dior Diorshow Brow Styler

Dior is a brand highly proffered by women for amazing beauty products. This eyebrow styler available in light brown shade gets beautifully blended with the eyebrows and sculpts them perfectly. Get this filler cum styler for perfectly shaped eyebrows.


Dior Diorshow Brow Styler

10. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Superstar Mascara

Voluminous and lengthy eyelashes are the dream of every woman. This dream can come true with this stunning product from L’Oreal Paris. This two sided mascara assures you get perfectly shaped and long throughout the day. These brushes provide a spectacular curvy shape and elevation to the eye lashes making it look dramatic and sexy.

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Superstar Mascara

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