10 Latest French Manicure Ideas Of 2016

French manicure is probably the oldest method to stylize one’s nails. It has been around for a long time and has managed to make a special place for itself. For most women, it is the go to manicure style for almost everything. The great thing about French manicure is that it is so very versatile. It looks good with casual attire and then when you dress yourself up for a special event, the French nails look up to date with the party dresses too. Another plus as far as the French manicure is concerned is the fact that it is very easy. So one can come up with their new and creative ideas to trendy up the French tips.

The Following Are The Latest French Manicure Ideas:

1. The Black Tip

Monochrome is a really cool look when done properly. The old black and white charm hasn’t gone anywhere despite our modern lifestyles. The classic French manicure is all about the white nail paint on the tip. In that sense, this is probably the exact opposite of the French nails. The work on the nails has to be exquisitely clean in order for the style to look good.


2. Silver Glitter On Black Tips

One way to take the black tip forward would be to add glitter on the nails. This is more apt for a party look where you want to show off some glimmer. It looks best when it is paired with a nice shiny dress. The style can be mimicked with other shades of glitter too. For example, one color that would look very good with black tip is probably white.

Silver Glitter On Black Tips

3. Blue Tips With Oriental Design

This aqua shade of blue is a classic color and give you that edge of a stylish nail art. Pair it with some oriental design of your liking and you are done. The key is to perfect the floral design part.


4. Classic White With Glitter

Even the classic French manicure can be made more trendy and up to date with the rest of the nail art culture that has developed leaps and bounds in the recent past. Adding a simple white glitter to the white tips can provide that extra edge to the classic French manicure.

 Classic White With Glitter

5. A La Eye Lids

This is a spunky design which can be worn to a fun party or even school. In this style, two finger have been shown to have closed eye lids while two have open. Using bright and vivid shade is one way to add some color to your style.

 A La Eye Lids

6. The ‘Save The Panda’ French Manicure

So this is one of the favorites of this season. Recently it was announced that the pandas are no longer an endangered species. To celebrate that, you can sport this unique style which will definitely garner some attention on its own. And since it is in black and white, there is more charm added to this style.

The ‘Save The Panda’ French Manicure

7. Black On Black

This is a tricky idea that can take a while to perfect. The first thing to do is to find two good shades of black that are only slightly different from each other. The best thing to do would be to get a matte nail color for the nail and a shimmering black for the tip. This accentuates the tip while still keeping the look completely black. A very stylish nail art idea that can be sported at formal and informal events alike.

Black On Black

8. Pink Shimmer

Having a pinkish shimmer on the tips in such a way that it blends into the rest of the nail really gives you that subtle edge. It can be easily sported even in any kind academic events without grabbing too much unwanted attention. Go for this look if you want a subtle change in the way you do your nails.


9. Roots

This is another design that is in trend. The trick with these kind of designs is to get the art part right. It looks like the roots of tree so getting those curves right would be number one priority for anyone wanting to imitate this style.


10. The Platinum Tip

What is better than black, white and silver? Platinum, of course. It looks almost similar to the white tip but then it has its own unique features. This steely look can be paired with an off colored party dress if you are going for that sleek and shiny finished look.

The Platinum Tip

The above mentioned french manicure tips are totally exceptional and stylish. Try them out on your nails to give them a different stylish look.

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