10 Kinds Of Jeans You Should Buy On Your Next Shopping Trip



Jeans are, without a doubt, the most important part of our wardrobes. Thanks to them, we manage putting ourselves together and showing up for classes or event we don’t want to go to.

We are never really satisfied with just plain jeans. From the trends that have emerged from the start of the fashion, we can evidently see that there are so many different kinds of jeans, we could never really be satisfied owning just one kind. For all the girls out there who thrive to experiment with fashion, owning almost every kind of jeans is like a dream come true.

In this article, we are going to list out all the different kinds of jeans that are trending right now. We are also going to give some pointers on how to wear these jeans so that you could use them to pull any look you have in your mind.

1. Frayed Hem Jeans:

Frayed jeans are both comfortable and fun. These are plain jeans with frayed ends. When you go for these kinds of jeans, try to go for the ones that end at ankles. You could then use your best pair of laced up heels or sandals and show your footwear off. These jeans are also the best option when you are wearing boots. You could totally rock these jeans with a sweater. When you are wearing any other plain shirt, try to tuck them in to look more fashionable.

Frayed Hem Jeans

2. High-Waisted Jeans:

High-Waisted Jeans are all the rage right now. Wearing high-waisted jeans with crop tops is one of the most popular outfit ideas. You could also pair them with tank tops. There are different kinds of shirts you can try with these jeans but always remember to tuck the shirt in to give the best impressions. Even Button downs look nice when you wear them with these jeans.

High-Waisted Jeans


3. Skinny Jeans:

All of us own a pair of these. These jeans work best when you need to show your legs off and they are easy to pair with almost any kind of shirt. Instead of wearing your everyday shirts with these jeans, go for more interesting options. Wear them with colorful striped sweaters and bright blazers instead of going for the plain ones. You can get a classy look by choosing to wear these jeans with button downs. The options are endless and you can wear them with multiple kinds of shirts.

Skinny Jeans

4. Ripped Jeans:

These jeans are the most popular jeans right now. They work best when you need to go to a party. You can add more creativity and use these jeans with Button downs instead of just pairing them with simple shirts. You could also wear them with sweater and add statement jewelry to jazz your look up. You could go for a casual look by wearing your jeans with simple tank top and sneakers.

Ripped Jeans

5. Boyfriend Jeans:

We are all well aware of these jeans and we have also worn it multiple times. Although extremely stylish, these jeans tend to give off the same masculine and relaxed feel no matter what you pair them with. So, we suggest we try some interesting variations in these jeans to get more than just one look. You could try boyfriend jeans that are a bit ripped. You could try unrolling the hem instead of going for the classic rolled version. You could also swap your light boyfriend jeans with darker ones and experiment.

Boyfriend Jeans

6. White Jeans:

They are a lot different than the rest of them. They work for outfits in a way no other jeans do. There are multiple ways you could use them. You could wear them with striped shirts and a stylish blazer. You could go all white by wearing them with a white shirt and shoes. You could use ripped white jeans to wear them with more interesting and bright shirts. You could also wear them with dark button downs.

White Jeans


7. Cigarette Jeans:

Cigarette jeans or straight jeans are a bit tricky to use. They are one of the most comfortable jeans available. You could use these jeans by wearing them with shirts or button downs and rolling them up at the hem. They look perfect when you wear them with heels. Avoid wearing these jeans with flats and always stick to footwear with a good elevation. If you want to wear them with boots, try to put the hem of the jeans inside the boots. Because the jeans are a bit on the loose side, try to avoid wearing them with tops that flare and always tuck your shirts in.

Cigarette Jeans

8. Cropped Jeans:

You might confuse them with ankle length jeans or boyfriend jeans but they are decidedly different. They are relatively skinny at the top and flare at the end. These are the perfect pair of jeans when you want to show off a cute pair of flats or sandals. They work well with any kinds of casual and simple tops. For more interesting looks, you could try teaming these jeans up with an interesting jacket and a hat. You could try wearing outfits with layering or you could also use long shrugs to wear with these jeans.

Cropped Jeans

9. Capri Jeans:

Capri Jeans are one of the most trickiest pants to look stylish in. This is especially true if you have a short height. But these pants have their own advantages. You could wear footwear of longer lengths, like long gladiators, or knee length boots with these pants. They are perfect to wear with shirts that belong to the summers, like shirts with floral prints, shirts of lighter shades etc. You could also try wearing funky button downs with these pants.

 Capri Jeans

10. Girlfriend Jeans:

These kind of jeans are more skinnier than the boyfriend jeans. They are the perfect mix of Comfort jeans and skinny jeans. They are, at any point of time, more popular and easier to wear than their more masculine counterparts. Since these jeans aren’t very loose, you are free to wear shirts that are loose and pair these up with a nice pair of heels. Due to their better-fit, they look better with knits, or your other baggier winter-wears. You could also wear them with button downs, but you could get a little daring here by wearing your girlfriend jeans with loose button downs. You could make this look more stylish by tucking only a part of your button down. Denim on Denim is a look that these pair of jeans could totally pull off.

Girlfriend Jeans

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