10 Interesting Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

Koi Fish tattoo originates from Japan. According to the Japanese mythology, the Koi fish is able to swim in the Yellow river to become a dragon. This is symbolic. This fish symbolises love, fortune and good luck. Koi fish is often found in Japanese water gardens. The fish can be easily recognisable for its unique colour and patterned scales. The fish also has different kinds. People usually make this fish in their tattoo because its unique colour and design, some people also impressed with the mythological importance. We have selected most popular designs for this article.

Let’s Have A Look At Various Tattoo Designs Involving The Koi Fish.

1. Blue Koi

The blue Koi tattoo on the upper arm looks lovely. Blue Koi actually exist in Japan and its colour is a bright sky blue. The scales, fins, eyes of the Koi really look fantastic on arm tattoo. The eyes are designed with a little bit of green and black. The black background is also awesome. The tattoo is an artistic work. The tattoo is the symbol of power, longevity and strength.

Blue Koi

2. The Lost Two Souls

This tattoo expresses love and togetherness. Two bright colours red and yellow Koi arethe main focus on the tattoo. Red Koi is swimming from the upper side and yellow Koi is swimming from the bottom. These two Koi fishes symbolise love and passion. There are a write up between them, like they are some lost souls and they are swimming together year after year. These words are strong and beautifully depicted in the tattoo. You can also do the tattoo without writing.

The Lost Two Souls

3. Crowned Koi

The wonderful imagination of this tattoo is a Koi fish with a crown of the king. The fish is small but its effect is really big. The crown and the fish are symbolised power, strength. The tattoo depicts your strong personality. If you are a girl then do this tattoo on your shoulder plate or on upper back. The tattoo design is cool and part of the dragon too.

Crowned Koi

4. Elegant Koi

The pair of Koi indicates to the yin-yang symbol which denotes happy marriage.Koi fish denotes joy and concord. Anyway, these two special looking Koi fishes are viewing lovely on the bare back of the lady. The two koi fishes are surrounded each other with a special bonding.

Elegant Koi

5. Koi With Lotus

The design is on the entire back. The colourful tattoo is beautifully depicted like a second skin. The orange Koi fish with the lotus flower is just doing the magical effect on the tattoo. The lotus flower is significant because it grows in the mud that means it symbolises struggle, determination and changes for the better.

Koi With Lotus


6. Traditional Koi

This koi design in the tattoo looks like traditional Japanese Koi. Black colour Koi and the waves are beautifully depicted on the tattoo with its scales, eyes, bent body and fins. The design looks like old symbolic Koi with new design. This tattoo looks good on the entire back or on the shoulder blade.

Traditional Koi

7. Freehand Koi

The tattoo on the calf muscle is looking like a sketch. The lotus and the Koi fish both are like sketches roughly but nicely placed. It is like the fish is changing slightly to transform into the dragon. The tattoo symbolises success, power, boldness. It seems that the design is ideal for the calf muscle.

Freehand Koi

8. Outline Magic

Sometime only the outline figure can do the magic without the entire design. The outline design can be done on the hand. The decision of not colouring the fish is really wise. This way the koi fish is looking gorgeous. It is equally looking funky, bold and simple. This design is ideal for the college students.

Outline Magic

9. Gold Koi On Shoulder

The bright orange Koi fish looks awesome on the shoulder. The blue waves pink lotus adds more colour to it. The koi fish is swimming upstream towards the waterfall. The fish is symbolic and it expresses the power, strength and struggle. The reason is the koi fish will go to the waterfall and become the dragon. So the tattoo depicted when the fish is in the cool water.

Gold Koi On Shoulder

10. Fantastic Colourful Tattoo

This Koi fish tattoo is totally different. It has colours, cool design and artistic touch. When you will see the tattoo you will feel some touch of fairy tale. It will depict like under ocean coolness and beautiful design. You can do this tattoo on your back, leg, hand, shoulder. The red, pink, electric blue, with green and orange effect made it extraordinary.

Fantastic Colourful Tattoo

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