10 Heavenly Summer Scents To Start Wearing Now

The days are painfully long, the heat is up and over and you have no respite. “What not to wear” makes more sense than “what to wear” for you cannot even think of wearing anything at all. You wish something heavenly? Something sweet, charming and fresh? Perhaps summer scents can be somewhat an oasis of pleasure and comfort in this sweltering heat. Scents are not always about being the secret weapon of seduction to ignite passion. It is also about being catalyst to zing that lets you venture out defying the rising mercury’s remorselessness Besides, it’s a good idea to have a perfume cabinet overhaul this summer as wearing scents that are light, fresh, juicier and airier becomes way better an aroma than the strong and musky ones. Anything and everything is desirable as long it’s fresh.

Here Are 10 Heavenly Summer Scents To Start Wearing Now

1. A Lilac A Day

Say hello to spring even in summer. Most certainly, lilac features as an accord. As a matter of fact it is the primary note which gives lilies and tulip like fresh scent. Floral scent that it is, the freshness factor is also high in this scent filled with greens and soft spicy fragrance. This one is a purple passion. Like fresh and floral passion.

A Lilac A Day

2. La Colle Noir, Christia Dior, Paris

This one is undoubtedly a silent explosion of floral, woody and musky fragrance at the same time. The key notes May Rose, spices, and rare sandalwood oil from Sri Lanka. The powerful spicy scent keeps you charged, sweet amber notes with sandalwood oil lets you beat the heat. Brain child of Dior’s in-house perfumer Francois Demachy, this one is an ode to Grasse, a place that has been integral part of Dior perfumes.

La Colle Noir, Christia Dior, Paris

3. Byredo Super Cedar Eau De Parfum

Those fruity, juicy shy will be pleased to wear Byredo Super Cedar that has rose as high notes combined with Virginian cedar and lots of woody accord. The Haitian vertiver and musk makes for base notes. The reason; this is a unisex perfume that can be worn all day long while having a gathering. Who knows the single bottle of this scent could be what you both were looking for a similar kind of head start.

Byredo Super Cedar Eau De Parfum

4. Narciso Eau De Parfume Poudree

Narciso spritzs unique powdery scent and how. In an absolute elevation of its precursor that was launched way back in 2003, the 2016 scent is a blend of Jasmine, Bulgarian rose and vetiver; some suggestively inviting combo eh? That has been the idea all through, velvety touch of a fragrant cloud accentuated by the Bulgarian rose. An apology for the remark; but this is “sex in the bottle”.

Narciso Eau De Parfume Poudree

5. Diptyque Eau De Sens Eau De Toilette

You are a girl but that does not me you have to wear a girly scent. This scent is refreshingly new and loaded with Citrus Aromatic Fragrance. The uncomplicated scent is linear and simple with slightly bitter orange notes and neroli fragrance. More floral fragrance follows in juniper berries as middle notes, patchouli and angleica as base notes. Surprise yourself with “who’s that” followed by “hey, that’s me” after you wear this warm perfume that many Japanese users smells like Yuzuburo.

Diptyque Eau De Sens Eau De Toilette

6. Coolife Le Quatrieme Parfum

Man oh man! You really want to turn on the heat when the mercury is soaring already? Then you had better be definite. Once you spritz this scent, the root chakra is on focus with its accords like balsamic, sweet, tobacco, vanilla and smoky accords. Root chakra or muladhara as they say in Sanskrit balances sensuality and instincts, personal magnetism and personal control. Sounds airy? This one will engage anyone straightaway. Worse, the sultry season will make you feel sexier.

Coolife Le Quatrieme Parfum

7. The Glace Aqua Parfum

Another unisex perfume that deserves all the adulation for striking a balance to be the summer scent of choice; there is lemon, verbena, grapefruit, lavender, black tea accords. And almonds too! This is pretty light and easy but not the one that drips with your sweat.

The Glace Aqua Parfum

8. Bellflower Tangerine Pink Pepper

Sugar, spice and everything nice; this is what Korres Bellflower perfume is all about. It’s sugary as mandarin orange; Spicy as pink pepper.

Bellflower Tangerine Pink Pepper

9. Ex Nihilo Love Shot

Passionately fruity and sweet but don’t forget it’s animalic too. There is no way you can miss the fresh citrus scent in the bottle too.

Ex Nihilo Love Shot

10. & Other Stories Canvas Perfume Oil

Roll in your skin the freshness and vigor of lemon that has non alcoholic formula. Oil is out but not if they smell this fresh.

& Other Stories Canvas Perfume Oil

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