10 Healthy Foods To Maintain A Balanced Diet

Healthy Foods To Maintain A Balanced Diet

Balanced diet is too much necessary for a healthy living but unfortunately, people today are not conscious and focused on balanced diet because they’ve now become dependent on fast foods instead of having homely cooked meal. In fact, for such unconscious people, it is quite a challenging task to maintain a balanced nutritious diet when their health becomes prone to complications and severe diseases.  Impact of unbalanced diet is seen directly on their health which becomes somehow difficult to remove without medications. However, you can maintain a healthy balanced and nutritious diet by including the following foods in your daily diet plan.

Here Are The 10 Healthy Foods To Maintain A Balanced Diet:

Milk And Yogurt:-

Milk and yogurt are very healthy supplement to maintain a balanced diet. Both yogurt and milk are highly rich in calcium and protein that can promote weight gain. Health professionals recommends drinking 1 glass of milk daily with honey after having your meal so as to make your look bulky and full of essential nutrients for a healthy body.

Milk And Yogurt


Nuts are also a good supplement for maintaining balanced diet. You must include nuts in your daily diet plan after having your meal so as to bring shine and glory to your health and skin. Nuts are found to be rich in protein and fiber content and are friendly to blood sugar due to its slow burning feature. Nuts in roasted form offer various other health benefits to a person who consumes it.

Nuts and Seeds


Beef is highly nutritious and full of protein and carbohydrates. It is highly recommended for muscle builders as it is very helpful in maintaining muscle mass especially when you’re losing weight thereby keeping metabolism high of its consumer. If you really want to achieve fast weight gain then beef in marinated form will give you desirable weight gain. If you do not like taste of marinated beef then you can also add any citrus juice or vinegar to it so as to make it more flavorful.



If you’re a lover of fish then you must include it in your daily diet plan so as to fulfill your health with essential nutrients and balanced supplements. The fatty acids present in the fish are very effective in reducing inflammation in the body which is a major cause of complex coronary diseases. Fish becomes delicious in taste when it is marinated with spices and supplies excessive amount of protein, vitamins and carbohydrates along with fiber to the body of its consumer.



Flaxseed is another important source for giving a balanced nutritious diet to its consumer because of its richness in protein, fats and fiber which are found in fish. Fennels seeds are also a good source of a mineral called magnesium that plays a significant role in controlling the blood sugar level of an individual to great extent. It is generally observed that ground flaxseed can spoil quickly therefore it is always recommended to whole flaxseed in bulk followed by keeping it in the fridge  and grinding it when needed so as to attain maximum health benefit with it.


Seedy Vegetables:-

Seedy vegetables of all types including sunflower, pumpkin and sesame are filled with good amount of proteins, fibers and fats which in turn maintains a balanced diet of its consumer. You can consume it during snack emergencies also so as to fulfill nutritious requirement of your body.

Stress On Vegetables


Oatmeal is another good supplement for a balanced diet maintenance. It is fully loaded with essential soluble fibers which are very effective in easing the function of digestive system of an individual. You can consume oatmeal either directly or in form of muffin, waffle butter or pancakes as per your choice as oatmeal in all such edible forms fulfill nutrients requirement of the body comfortably.


Olive Oil:-

Eating food prepared with olive oil are also very helpful in fulfilling body’s nutrients requirement and maintaining a complete balanced diet. Even medical professionals also recommends consumption of olive oil cooked foods as its also lowers the risk of heart diseases and diabetes which are associated with internal inflammation. You can also dribble olive oil on baked potatoes, salads or pastas so as to gain maximum health benefit from it.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Whole Gain Bread:-

Whole grain bread is also very good for attaining various health benefits. In your regular diet plan, you must also include consumption of white grain bread as it helps in improving insulin sensitivity.

Whole Gain Bread

Sweet Potatoes:-

Eating baked sweet potato instead of eating baked white potato can give you maximum benefit in maintaining your perfect health. Sweet potatoes are blessed with essential nutrients and disease fighting fibers  which reduces the insulin resistance and promotes good health to its consumer.

Sweet Potatoes

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