10 Half Moon Nail Art Ideas

Talking about nail art, the style that is trending is called the half-moon nail art. From red carpet celebrities to regular stylish girls, all of them fancy getting this style because of its popularity. Classic colors such as purple or neon or pink are highly recommended for the same but it can be carried out in other shades as well. This gives the impression of being bold, romantic, daring or even simple for that matter, depending as per the style you create. For the very same reason, let us see some of the styling ideas that can come handy to you ladies while you scratch your brain for the same; you don’t want to screw the nail paint already applied.

Here Are Some Half-moon Ideas That Might Come Handy To You

1. The Night Sky

The recipe to make such thing happen is quite simple. For this, you should have already applied white on your nails and as soon as it dries, apply blue shade with a curve on them. You have the options to use blue of light or dark shade as per your desire.

The Night Sky

2. The Deceptive Chick

Okay the name might look a bit tangy but it is really easy to make. Again, initially the white nail paint should cover the nails followed by outlining a curve with black. Fill the area with black nail polish (can be done by coloring any side of the outline) and you have your design ready.

The Deceptive Chick

3. Crystal Clear

This may look fake but a closer look with change the opinion of people challenging the originality. Paint the nail with dark blue color and very carefully apply dots of different colors such as lighter shade of blue, silver and white. This may look very difficult but instead it is easy; according to others you definitely can go to any extent to make your nails appear attractive.

Crystal Clear

4. The Red Carpet

The celebrities are more often using flashy colors when it comes to visiting events. For them, nail paints are no different. Colors such as golden and silver, both shining in the bright light are used extensively. For the same type, apply golden color on your nails and then create a curve with either black or silver or of the color of your dress; make yourself feel like a celeb.

The Red Carpet

5. Half Crescent-half-moon

The half crescent and the half-moon are very similar types of styles for nails, why not mix the two? You always have the option to mix the two by having either of those styles in your 2-3 fingers and the remaining with other style. The best of all would look like the famous orthodox style of maroon and white as shown in the picture.

Half Crescent-half-moon

6. Little Mermaid

Probably looks like a task but again a very simple procedure to get you the results. Apply lite shade of blue on your nails. Have a little net with you as this would help you creating the gaps on it. Very carefully, apply white nail paint on the nail while the net is placed and thus you will get the gaps accordingly.

Little Mermaid

7. Pink White

This design is perhaps the most attractive out of all. The nails are done by applying a very light shade of pink (probably matching with your under nail skin color) on the nails while the tip of them is painted with white, a very thin line. This makes your nails look longer and brighter and as said earlier, most attractive and beautiful.

Pink White

8. The Hot And Glamorous

By the name itself, this design is very common during the summers. Under this style, there is introduction of glitter on your nails. To gain this, cover your nail with bold coral gel polish and sprinkle loose glittering particles on the nails very carefully forming a semi-circle just above the skin. This will look fabulous at all time, shining bright like a star.

The Hot And Glamorous

9. Colored Half-moons

If you haven’t been able to decide amongst the ones listed above, well here is another one for you, particularly looking for half-moon designs. As simple as it gets, the only thing you require is different colored nail polish and a white one. Paint one nail each with different shade while applying the white to the tip of it.

Colored Half-Moons

10. The Burning Hot

Want to go bold, take the next level and go beyond the definition. Try having shades of fire on your nails. To get this, try orange covered nails with yellow forming the curve or the other way round, giving you the same results every time; burning hot sensations to add to your fiery and sexy personality.

The Burning Hot

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