10 Fun Ways To Work With Graphic Tees

Graphic Tees

Graphic styles are the best way to show your fun and funky side. They can make you look instantly young and the plethora of colors they come in have everything for every one. They are the best option to go to when you need to wear something casual but look fashionable.

We all know how important a graphic tee can be when we want to look all funky, but when it comes to styling with a graphic print, we stick to the basic graphic tee with simple jeans. We need to think beyond that to reap the ultimate benefits of wearing graphic prints. We can use many more styles and use it for so many occasions, you will be shocked. Here, we are going to share a few tips on how you could wear this print in more than just a few ways.

1. With Leather Pants:

You can stick to your basic pants with Graphic tee style, but instead of going for a simple denim jeans, we say you jazz it up a bit and go with some leather pants. Leather is that one fabric we all wish we could wear without looking like a fool. Well, this is the perfect outfit for you if you have always wanted to use leather as more than just a jacket.

While you wear this, just make sure you don’t go for shirts that are of too bright a color. Go for graphics shirts with the most basic colors like probably gray or white. Accessorize with statement jewelry and you could wear this outfit with any footwear out there.

With Leather Pants

2. With A Blazer:

Wear your basic graphics tee shirt with jeans and add your blazer to the outfit. If you are not sure about how to match all the colors, make sure you stick to the most basic colors like black or brown. You could go for a white blazer for shirts that are of a darker shade. You could hardly go wrong with this style and you could wear this outfit to multiple outings with your friends or family. You could add interesting accessories like a belt and try different styles of belts to get the perfect look.

With A Blazer

3. Hair Accessories:

The most neglected aspect of dressing up is how we tend to neglect the magic one can work with hair accessories. Styling your hair is not enough. You could look more stylish with minimum effort if you learn to work with hair accessories.

Even when you wear a graphic shirt, you could add interesting hair accessories like a funky headband or hair tie that matches with your graphic tee. This is easier than it sounds. If you own a superhero graphic tee, you will have no difficulty finding the right accessories. For the rest of the styles and print, you could use DIY tricks to make matching hair accessories with little effort and money.

Hair Accessories

4. Mini Skirts With Flare:

When you need to dress up for a fun concert or a night out, you can pair your interesting and flirty mini skirt with the right graphic tee. It is all about matching the right shirt with the right shorts and you are good to go. To add more color and fun to your outfit, you could take the help of multiple hand accessories like bangles or necklaces.

Mini Skirts With Flare

5. Maxi Skirts With Floral Prints:

This combination is a bit difficult to imagine and is also difficult to pull off if you don’t take enough care. You need to stick to the most basic colors and make sure the flowers on your outfit are of a larger size. Matching the colors plays the most important role here. You could complete this look using sneakers or simple sandals. Make sure you experiment enough to know what the right match is. Once you get your perfect pair, you could always wear this to a casual Sunday brunch or to a picnic with your friends.

Maxi Skirts With Floral Prints

6. Leather Jackets:

While throwing a blazer over your outfit is one of the best ways to work wonders with your simple graphic tees, you could also use some hard core leather jackets to get a more intense look. You could use this combination when you are looking for an outfit to wear for a concert or a night party. This is one of the easiest styles to pull and you can be sure to never go wrong with this outfit. The next time you are in a dilemma as to what to wear, you could immediately go for this outfit and look stylish in an instant.

Leather Jackets

7. Washed Up Shorts:

While wearing shorts over a graphic tee shirt isn’t a new idea to you, wearing washed up shorts with these shirts definitely is. They work a contrast that is immensely interesting and stylish. You could wear them with your knee length boots and look killer. Pair this outfit up with a pair of nice sandals and you have the perfect comfy look for your summer outings.

Washed Up Shorts

8. Pencil Skirts:

You could have never dreamt of pairing your funky graphic tees with your sophisticated pencil skirts. This is one of the most riveting looks you can pull and you are bound to grab attention with this outfit. Try to wear pencil skirts that are of colors that contrast with your shirt. You could also try for more interesting kinds of pencil skirts like ones with lace or skirts with unconventional colors like olive green, maroon etc. Tuck your graphic shirt in when you are wearing this look.

Pencil Skirts

9. Fur:

You can get the perfect wild but stylish girl look when you club your graphic shirt with a fur coat. They make the most interesting of pairs and you will be surprised at how good this entire ensemble looks. This is definitely an over the top outfit you should try the next time you are planning on making heads turn.


10. Suspenders:

Suspenders are making a comeback and there is nothing better that graphic tees to wear them with. They make one of the most interesting looks and will make you the talk of the town on your next themed party. Wear them with a nice pair of ankle length boots and add a funky hat to make your outfit more fun and playful. You can work with hundreds of colors and prints for your graphics tees to pair with these suspenders.


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