10 Expert Beauty Secrets To Fix Makeup For Flawless Complexion

Wondering how to get a perfect facial appearance without any spill or fake look? Makeup problems are very annoying for most of the women all-around in world of fashion, business and work. This happens over-time. To fix up any makeup problem there are varieties of different ideas to get back the expert looks. So, when it comes to beauty, here are few interesting and easy tips to try which are listed directly from the scoop of makeup experts.

Here Are 10 Expert Beauty Secrets To Fix Makeup For Flawless Complexion

1. Big Lips With A Precise Tip

With the help of super-thin modern lip liner, you can get fuller-looking lips just like a baby-doll. Light colors give more natural look to your lips. Adding light color on the lips promptly bring lips to forward and make them appear bigger. Moreover, applying high luster lip color enhances lips even more. Just follow steps like conceal your lips – underline – overline – choose your color – highlight center.

Big Lips With A Precise Tip

2. Use A Concealer Brush

To get instant bright eyes, using a concealer is must. Concealer has a lighter shade as compared to other makeup objects and suits to your skin very naturally. Concealer highlights the skin areas where there are dark circles, patchy skin and bruises. Apply the concealer with your ring finger pulling onto the skin. It covers pimples and many other skin complexions.

Use A Concealer Brush


3. Use Shadows Shields To Avoid Raccoon Eyes

Shadows shields offers smoky eye look. Shadows shields are very much useful when dark powders spread all over the cheeks. These half-moon-shaped cotton shadow shields have glue on one side so it sticks underneath your lower lashes to catch any fall shadow while applying and then peel off. It gives you confidence while applying makeup like a professional.

Use Shadows Shields To Avoid Raccoon Eyes

4. Get Plump Lips Without Stickiness

These beauty tricks give you plumper lips without any type of cosmetic surgery. Plumper paints pout with a perfect shade without drying or being it too sticky. Plump creates an illusion by adding clear and shimmering gloss in just a single dot of liquid. Cupid’s bow area is just below the nose. By adding a small amount of plump on the lips makes them look bigger. After applying plump add lipstick with lots of shine to reflect.


Get Plump Lips Without Stickiness

5. Use Highlighter

Highlighter is one of the most important and interesting stuff to add in your makeup bag. Highlighter is a creamy crayon which blends onto the cheekbones by giving a seamless look. This beauty secret provides a layer under your powder. Apply highlighter on the cheek, rub it upward & outwards, and get a flawless complexion.


6. Apply Mascara

Apply mascara from top to root; this will enhance the look of your eye lashes by making them look double in length. This is one of the common cosmetic to boost the look of eyes. Define your eye by smearing the mascara. Add at least two coats of mascara with twice amount every time to have a lush look. For bigger looking eyes mascara is important tool to finish the appearance.



7. Lip Facial

Lip facial provides a smoother pout. Spreading this soothing lip mask contributes in getting a substantial facial expression. Apply lip facial for at least one or two minutes this will help in getting your lip color more fresh and even all over the day.

Lip Facial

8. Foundation As A Moisturizer

Now get a damp or moist look by simply turning your foundation into a moisturizing applicant. Expert suggests that mixing few drops of foundation into a hydrating rose water spritz with the help of your fingers or a foundation brush can give flawless look.

Foundation As A Moisturizer

9. Even Out Eyebrows

To maintain your eyebrows, most of the makeup specialists recommend using a wax or crème lotion that help to stick the spots more effectively as compared to any pencil or powder. Pick up a shade which is almost the same as your eyebrows, add strokes in the direction as the hair grows. Make sure that you evenly fill till the end of the brows and make them uniform. It is suggested that you should give this work to your stylist as they are professionally good at their work, but if doing it at home you should take extra care while performing this job.

Even Out Eyebrows


10. Power Of Contour

Contour refers to a dramatic finish for shadows and shimmer used for highlighting. It features flawless results when perfect shades are used. A dark shade for shadows and light or nude shade for highlighting gives a pro look. The sparkling contour shade gives you shimmer-free face. Highlight areas such as center of your forehead, chin and down your nose under the fat. By applying the contour shade to the hairline, it prevents from getting cheek contour failure. Make sure that you always blend the contour to get a complete airbrush effect on the face.

Power Of Contour

These interesting tricks will make everybody think on your gorgeous look. A noticeable makeup application is the one that every woman wants. Get a compiled professional makeup look without going to any parlor. Moreover, all these ideas also helps in fixing any skin problem such as pimples and dark patches. Look fabulous by trying these beauty secrets!