10 Equipment Free Exercises To Tone Your Upper Body

Equipment Free Exercises

Not every one of us likes to use weights and build strength using the heavy and intense weights. If you are one of those who wants to build the muscles and tone the upper body but without using the dumbbells, barbells and heavy weights, there are some workout options exclusively for you. These wok routs are similarly effective and would never fail to make your core and upper body super strong. The upper body includes the core, torso, back, spine, sides, shoulders, arms, wing muscles and many such muscles, these are the wholesome workouts which can help in improving the strength and crispness of your upper body! Here are the workouts which you can perform at your home without any equipment

Here Are The Workouts Which You Can Perform At Your Home Without Any Equipment:

1. Pushups:

Pushups are awesome workout options which can make your body strong and slimmer! If you want your arms, chest, back and shoulders to get perfectly toned, you can choose this amazing wok tout for overall body benefits. You can also opt for the different variations of pushups which would make you feel strong and healthy! Perform pushups for upper body strength and feel awesome!


2. Crunches:

Crunches are awesome and can help in strengthening your chest as well entire upper body. You must perform crunches if you want to pop up your abs, build up cool biceps and sharpen your upper body. Crunches support the back and keep your posture sharp. The hand movements make your upper body muscular and strong and thus, perform this awesome workout!


3. Lunges:

Lunges strength your back, torso and chest muscles magically. While you perform the lunges, your legs, hips, thighs and upper body gets toned. Perform the lunges and while you perform them you feel pressure on your abdomen, chest and back muscles, it helps in strengthening your core muscles and thus is a beneficial upper body workout!


4. Planks:

Planks have been one of the most high impact workouts for upper body strengthening. Lie on your back and rest your body on the hands as well feet. While you perform this workout, you will pressure on your chest, abdomen, arms and entire upper body. Perform planks and feel strong everyday!


5. Side Planks:

Side planks are one of the high intensity workouts which can help in sculpting your upper body. Side planks are awesome as you rest your body on one side and perform the planks. Also you can perform the side plank with one arm raised and your upper body would get sculpted easily!

Side Planks

6. Inch Worms:

Inch worms are awesome and can improve your posture, keep your core string and build endurance when you perform this awesome workout. Inch worms are awesome workout especially if you want to make your chest and core muscles strong. If you don’t want to use any equipment to build the upper body muscles, this is the best option to consider!

Inch Worms

7. Triceps Dips:

Targeting on the shoulders, triceps, biceps and wing muscles, this workout would also work on your core and abdomen equally. The triceps dips are extreme workouts which would build up muscles and biceps in few days. For strong and tight muscles in all the areas of your upper body, try this workout. Tricep dips are awesome and the results would keep you stunned!

Triceps Dips

8. Arm Circles:

It is always not necessary to go for the workouts which are extremely high impact. Some of the low impact workouts can also help in building upper body strength. If you want to tone your upper body, perform the arm circles which would affect your shoulders, arms, biceps and upper body muscles. The arm circles are awesome and would strengthen your core muscles and back too! Try a session of arm circles daily for few days and watch the magic!

Arm Circles

9. Elevated Pushups:

Pushups are awesome and the different variations of pushups are equally important for upper body strength. Elevated pushups can be performed in two ways. You can either keep your lower body elevated or your upper body elevated. For building upper body strength, we would need a chair or bench where you can rest your legs and perform crunches. This would tone your arms, chest, abdomen and upper body muscles.

 Elevated Pushups

10. Chest Flies:

Chest flies can help in building muscles and also helps in improving strength. You can perform the chest flies while standing and extract all the benefits of this cool workout in minutes. Stand straight with both your hands joined together in front. Now open up your arms and stretch wide. Perform these repetitions for 15-20 times and continue. Try this awesome workout and feel your upper body get toned and sculpted!

Chest Flies

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