10 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

As every month comes by, the first thing that ladies opt for is hair removal. There is no way to avoid this procedure and if you do, you are going to look like a hairy bear in a few months! This is something that no woman can avoid, no matter what, whether you are 20 or 40, you have to do this! But a lot of you might just be stuck to waxing as the hair removal method and often have a very difficult time when you have to attend a sudden event. So let’s get started with a number of hair removal methods which might help you out when your hubby or boyfriend plans a sudden romantic date or your girls plan a girl’s night out!

Here Are The 10 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair:

1. Pull Them Off With Waxing!

Waxing is the most commonly used method for hair removal. It gets less painful over time and once you get used to it, the process can be done with ease and convenience. Waxing pulls out the hair from within thus making the hair growth slower and lesser. Not only does it take away the unwanted hair, it also takes away the impurities from the skin. Always noticed that your skin looks fairer and fresher after waxing? Yes that I what I am talking about. It takes away the dull layer and revives the skin. There are so many waxing options like homemade wax, cold wax, hot wax method, wax strips, Brazilian wax etc. So pick out the one you love and get rid of those unwanted hair.


2. Razor It Up With A Shave!

Want to wear a mini dress and have no time to remove those leg hairs? Shave them off. Shaving is one method which removes the hair at the quickest speed and without much effort. It helps you to save on time and cost as well. It also works on ingrown hair and remove them with ease where waxing can’t work its magic! One of the main tips would be not to use someone else’s razors. Invest in some razors which are disposable. Shaving on wet skin works faster than shaving on dry skin. The best way would be to use a lubricating cream because that helps to remove each and every skin and give you super clean skin. But beware of the nicks and cuts!


3. Make Them Go Permanently With A Laser Hair Removal!

Laser hair removal is one costliest but a permanent way to remove those unwanted hair. They work the laser on your hair and in 2-3 sittings; your hair will vanish away and will never come back! How exciting does than sound? But it is very costly and not everyone will prefer going for that unless you want to develop your career in the fashion industry. Although this method sounds exciting, be sure to pick a reputed institute for lasic hair removal as you do not want to play around with your skin.

Laser Hair Removal

4. Layer Them Up With Depilatory Creams!

Depilatory creams have always been a mixed bag. For some they have worked with ease and some are so fed up of these that they can do nothing accept throwing them. Depilatory creams are moderately quick to use and give you silky soft skin. When you pick a good brand cream, they work efficiently and remove all the unwanted hair giving you squeaky clean skin. They dissolve the hair first and as the cream penetrates in the skin the hair gives up the hair strand from the follicle. And then you can wash your hands and see all the hair go away. But usually they state 10 minutes time and most of the creams do not do the trick in that much time and hence the procedure has to be repeated thus making it messier and time consuming. Also the ingredients are pretty strong and may give you rashes! This is the last option I would personally prefer.

Layer them up with depilatory creams

5. Epilators: Little Thing That Does A Big Job!

Oh I totally love this mini magic machine! This work similarly like waxing and the biggest similarity is that they pull the hair from within but waxing pulls them completely from the roots and epilators don’t pull them from the deepest point. Epilators are small instruments which pull your hair in them when you move the epilators on your hair. This technique is very easy and you just have to give a time of 20-30 minutes. Epilators are user friendly and can be of great help when you feel lazy to visit the parlours. Initially when you are not used to it, it may be a bit painful as it pulls the hair abrasively, but once you get used to it, it can become your favourite method to remove hair.

Epilators: Little Thing That Does A Big Job

6. Scrub Them Off With A Pumice Stone!

Pumice stone are hard brittle stones and they have been used since ancient times. This is my grandma’s remedy and this works without any cost and pain. The main purpose of the pumice stone is to buff away dry skin and give you fresh skin. It is very useful for everyday exfoliation too. But when used over time, it has the power to reduce the hair growth and if you are lucky the hair growth will stop. My grandma is using the pumice stone on her skin for past 20 years and she is definitely a witness that pumice stone can stop hair growth. But you need ample of patience there and do not try it if you want instant results. The way to use it is apply soap or a shower gel over the body and rub the pumice stone in circular motions all over your body.

Scrub them off with a pumice stone

7. Peel The Air Up With Hair Removal Packs!

There are some brands which have started to manufacture this kind of hair removal treatment. They come in a waxy consistency and you can apply it with a spatula wherever you want. And then after it gets hard, you just have to peel the pack off and the hair gets removed along in that peel and you get silky clean skin. This method is cost friendly and less painful. This is a user friendly method as all you have to do is just apply and peel. But these packs are really rare to find. Some Indian brands do produce this stuff.

Peel the air up with hair removal packs

8. Yank Them Up With Threading!

Threading is one of the commonly used hair removal methods as far as the facial hair is concerned. Threading is a painful method to remove hair but yet we prefer it for eyebrow and upper lips. Many women use threading for the entire face. It does give you a clean face but your face will be super red after threading. Although it removes all the hair efficiently, it may give bumps on the skin due to painful pulling. Remember to choose a good person to remove your facial hair or you might end up hurting your sensitive skin.


9. Pluck Them Up With Tweezers!

Tweezers are the most effective option for reducing hair growth. If you remove your hair with tweezers, it will take the longest time to grow back. This method is also painful as hair get pulled away from the roots but it is really helpful alternative when you do not have the time to visit a salon and need to get your eyebrows done. Tweezers are very affordable and each woman should have these in their kitty as you never know when you may need them.

Pluck them up with tweezers

10. Go Natural With Natural Remedies!

There are many natural remedies discovered by our ayurveda experts which effectively remove all the unwanted hair. One of the commonly used methods used since our childhood is the chickpea flour, turmeric and milk method. They will not completely remove all the hair but will reduce the quantity and will also help to reduce the growth in future.

Go natural with natural remedies So pick the best one according to your suitability and get rid of the unwanted hair!

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