10 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Chin Acne 

Chin acne may scare a few given the appearance that looks nothing less than reddened boils. Although acne is more of a bane that the teenagers and youngsters’ skin is ravaged with, chin acne is pretty challenging. The most common way chin acne is developed is by lack of proper hygiene. Resting your chin on germ infected hands can spell disasters for your skin. Women mostly fall prey to chin acne due to the continuous changes in her body cycle that includes menopause and even pregnancy. This type of acne among women is a common sight during menstruation as well.

Chin acne occurs for rather weirdest of reasons and they spoil your face’s beauty in the most brutal way. Both home remedies and anti-acne products are at your disposal that could be used depending on suitability. Some basic pointers too can be taken into consideration.

Here Are 10 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Chin Acne

1. Don’t Pick Chin Acne

It is simply suicidal to pick chin acne as doing the same gives rise to even more acne in the skin contour. No matter how good your skincare product they cannot assure complete reduction of skin acne unless you give up picking chin acne.

Don’t Pick Chin Acne

2. Change Your Diet

Alteration in diet is the key to having several skin problems solved including chin acne. Diet plays an important role as intake of certain food and dishes affects the hormones which results in chin acne breakout. Therefore sugary snacks, bread and flour byproducts and even starchy vegetables are what you should stay away from. Switch to soy milk and almond milk instead of local farm milk.

Change Your Diet

3. Apply Ice Pack

The itch to pick the chin acne and boils is stronger than the itch of chin acne itself. The burning sensation should therefore be neutralized by applying ice packs and cold water splashes. They also help in curtailing the outbreaks. You should also be very careful about the face wash creams and lotions you use. Always try to use products that are labeled “noncomedogenic” and “nonacnegenic”. Men should be wary of the shaving cream they use and ensure they shave with sharp razor and not with blunt ones.

Apply Ice Pack

4. Apply Organic Honey

Honey is not just a stimulator to skin beauty; it is also a very lethal agent in killing germs that aggravates chin acne. Increase its efficacy by applying honey which is heated up for a while as it instantly kills the bacteria that blocks pores. Apply warm honey on the chin and let it stay for 15 minutes before washing your face with warm water.

Apply Organic Honey

5. Knot Your Hair Tight

How does this affect or help in getting rid of chin acne? You may ask this question. Well, here’s how it affects your chin acne condition; hair tossing and frilling on your face can transfer extra oil which is present in your hair. This can further make your chin acne worse. Apart from tying your hair in a pony, make sure you also change or wash your pillow cover every week.

Knot Your Hair Tight

6. Drink Lots Of Water

This has become a hackneyed remedy but holds good any day. Drinking plenty of water is the simplest and least consuming way to get rid of chin acne and other skin woes. Water flushes out the toxins, improves liver functioning and hydrates the skin internally which does not let the chin acne set in the chin for too long. Eating watermelon is also highly advised.

Drink Lots Of Water

7. Hands Off The Chin Please

Hands are the busiest organs of the body and perhaps also the one which gets contaminated with dirt and bacteria very easily, way too easily. Therefore, make it a point to keep your hands clean with regular sessions of hand wash.

Hands Off The Chin Please

8. Cell Phone Cleanliness

Just like your hands, cell phone too accumulates a lot of bacteria and chin that get transferred directly on the chin region. Recent studies advise cleaning and wiping of cell phone regularly to prevent chin acne from getting worse.

Cell Phone Cleanliness

9. Non Drying Treatments

If using ointments for chin acne, be absolutely certain that they contain salicylic acid. Alcohol free serums too are very helpful in getting chin acne removed as it acts like a cleansing serum that goes deep into the pores.

Non Drying Treatments

10. Consult Your Gynecologist

Lastly, experts are the best people to ascertain as to why there has been a sudden breakout of chin acne in your skin. Gynecologists can also dig in deep check on any hormonal imbalances that you face. They also let you know whether your chin acne condition has reached the stage wherein could be cured only with prescription medication.

Consult Your Gynecologist

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