10 Cheek Lifting Exercises

We all like to have a complete fat free body. But, at times, we get so busy with the body that we forget about the fat accumulation in our face. Having a pretty face alone is not enough for getting huge compliments from all. But a fat free face is what will make you feel proud of the most. So, if you have never thought of doing some facial exercises, think about it again because this post will give you a complete guide of all the asanas needed for having a pretty and perfect face.

Here Are 10 Cheek Lifting Exercises

1. Puppet Face

Stay with a relaxed face and then lift the place between the lips and nose by smiling. Now, press the cheek bones and the place between the lips and nose with the fingers. See that you lift the muscles in a way that acts as resistance against the force applied by the fingers. Do this for 20-30 times.

Puppet Face

2. Actress Face

Sit straight on a chair and tilt the head backwards so as to face the ceiling. Give flying kisses by pressing the lips against the first two fingers. Do this for 5-10 times to target the cheeks and jaws muscles for a leaner look.

Actress Face

3. Rinse The Mouth Pose

Sit in a comfortable position and then fill the mouth with air. Transfer the air from one cheek to another without opening the mouth. It should be done as if you are rinsing your mouth. Do this for a minute and then relax. Repeat fro 10-15 times.

Rinse The Mouth Pose

4. Cheek Lifting Pose

Sit in a comfortable position and smile as widely as you can. Lift up the cheeks towards the eyes to feel a strain in the cheek muscles. Do this for 15 seconds and then repeat for 10 times.

Cheek Lifting Pose

5. X-o Exercise

An easy exercise that can be done anywhere, this needs you to pronounce the alphabets X and O repeatedly so that it works for the jaws and cheeks for getting a fat free face.

X-o Exercise

6. Fish Face

This exercise is done by every kid and needs to be done by those who want to get rid of chubby cheeks. Suck in the lips and cheeks to form a fish face and smile. Stay in this pose fro 10 seconds and then repeat 10 times.

Fish Face

7. Neck Rolling

Sit straight on a chair and bend the head on one side in lining with the chin. Make a complete circular motion this way by rotating the head both anti clock wise and clock wise. Keep the spine straight and shoulders down at all time.

Neck Rolling

8. Lion Face

Breathe deeply and hold your breath . Stick your tongue out as much as you can with eyes wide open. Maintain this posture as long as you can. This posture increases blood circulation and releases the muscles around the mouth.

Lion Face

9. Trumpet Playing

Breathe deeply through the mouth and hold the air as if you are trying to blow a trumpet. Hold this pose for some time and then breathe out through your nose. This yoga reduces laugh lines and saggy cheeks.

Trumpet Playing

10. Pulling Up The Lips Pose

Place the upper lip on the lower lip and pull it close to the nose or as much as you can. Hold this pose for 10 seconds to feel a strain in the jaws. Repeat this exercise for 10 times.

Pulling Up The Lips Pose

Do these exercises to get flabby free cheeks and a beautiful face.

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