10 Catchy Asymmetric Haircuts For Women

Hairs are an integral part of any human being irrespective of the gender and tend to break or make the look of a person and thus people are on a lookout to change their way the hair looks at all times. Thus in case you are bored and looking to give your manes a much needed boost and a new look, there can nothing be as great as the asymmetric haircuts. The best part about it is that it can be tried on any kind of hairs, wavy or thin and also looks great on long, medium length as well as shorter hairs.

Here Are 10 Catchy Asymmetric Haircuts For Women

1. The Bob With A Twist

This hair style is perfect for the ones whose hairs are tired and not in a good shape and who wants to add a new lease of life to their look. This one speaks loud of tapered sides and an undercut which lifts the manes in a way that evaporates all that is tired and sick! This out of the bed look is pretty popular at the moment and can be worn in any way you want. Simple yet chic!

 The Bob With A Twist

2. The Mermaid Look

This is one of the hair styles which is as gorgeous as the waves of the ocean and is extremely captivating. Looks extremely good in any kind of hair lengths, this mermaid asymmetrical hair style is great when worked up on naturally wavy and bouncy manes.

 The Mermaid Look

3. Asymmetry In Layers

Symmetrical hair cuts are great for manes which are on a heavier side and with a lot of texture. For medium length hairs which are indeed difficult to tame, layers can bring the much needed dimension to it where a dash of solid dark hue at the ends works and looks great anytime. Try this one to turn heads all around you!

Asymmetry In Layers

4. The Asymmetric Greys

Grey hairs are becoming into a rage with young women today and coupled up with an asymmetrical hair cut, the entire look changes in a greater way for sure. This hairdo is best tried on to those who have a round face cut and who want to narrow it down a bit. The hair do talks of long side bangs with even longer front bangs mixed with with bright colours and grey streaks, perfect!

The Asymmetric Greys

5. Punk Inspired Asymmetrical Bang Look

This is a complete punk inspired look that you can surely try out only if you have the attitude and the guts to carry it off. In this kind of a hair style the bangs at the sides are in line and are longer than the rest of the manes and when coloured in a particular manner looks extremely cool if not anything else!

Punk Inspired Asymmetrical Bang Look

6. The Defined Asymmetrical Hair Cut

This cut is all about showing off to the world that your manes are not cut in symmetry and are absolutely asymmetrical in every way possible! To get the required effect you would just need to colour the lengthier side of the hairs in a colour of your choice and see how it changes your overall appearance. Looks great on any kind of manes, however use an iron to flatten just the coloured regions in case you have a wavy or a curly hair type, just to keep the asymmetry intact!

The Defined Asymmetrical Hair Cut

7. Asymmetrical & Edgy Bob Look

The classical bobs are always in fashion yes, but why not do somwthing different with the obvious? Here the asymmetrical look with th bob hair style does totally that where one side is shorter than the other and the extreme side parts adds to the impact at the fullest.

 Asymmetrical & Edgy Bob Look

8. The Two Toned Asymmetrical Undercut Look

Under shaves and the undercut hair do’s are hugely becoming a rage in today’s world and when coupled with a hint of asymmetry, nothing can stop you from looking absolutely cool and rocking! As in here, the cut is accentuated by the lighter blond bangs and the darker brown crops at the other side and the back!

The Two Toned Asymmetrical Undercut Look

9. Long Mane Asymmetry With Highlights

This is indeed one of the most stunning hair cuts of all where the heads around would surely turn if you have the guts to carry out on this look. Extremely edgy this one, one side of the manes are in short bob whereas the other side speaks of long and wavy manes with highlights all through. Just the way it should be!

Long Mane Asymmetry With Highlights

10. The High Impact Short Asymmetries

Pretty much a common sight on the runways, roads and everywhere the short hair styles with asymmetry are closely becoming extremely popular due to the fact that they are explicitly daring and let you show off your facial features with élan. The short pixie with a banged other end does the trick!

The High Impact Short Asymmetries

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