10 Bridal Makeup Tips If You Have Wheatish Skin

Bridal Makeup Tips

Wedding is the most important occasion for a girl. She dreams of it from her early childhood. All eyes will be on the bride on her big day and she takes a lot of effort to make sure she looks perfect the entire day and for this the most important thing is her makeup. Makeup should be perfect but never overboard. Brides with wheatish complexion struggle with their makeup in general and when it is for their wedding their fret a lot about it. Makeup has to be perfect when it comes to wedding as a shade here and there would ruin the brides big day. Let us know look at makeup tips for those brides whose complexion is wheatish.

Here Are The 10 Bridal Makeup Tips If You Have Wheatish Skin:

Keep The Skin Clean

The first and foremost step for the bride to make sure at least from a month and a half before her wedding day is to clean the skin on the regular basis. If the skin is not clean no amount of makeup will make the bride look glowing on her biggest day of her life.

Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize

Match It With The Outfit

The next most important tip is to match the makeup with the outfit. When hiring a beautician, make sure she is aware of your dress color so that makeup can decided accordingly.

Match It With The Outfit

Blemishes Concealed

Another important thing is making sure that the skin is blemish free. In case there are blemishes, it has to be concealed. This way the makeup applied would look even more attractive.

Go Easy On Foundation And Concealers

Choose The Right Color Foundation

The colors chosen for the makeup should no doubt match the outfit but, care should also be taken to see that the shade of the color should be closer to the shade of the skin. If this does not happen then, the skin would look patchy. If you are not able to find the correct shade of foundation then two different shades can be mixed to get the desired shade.

Cover Acne With Foundation and Concealer


Instead of using glitter or shimmer brides with wheatish complexion can use highlighters. This makes the skin looks glowing instead of shiny.


Face Powder

Wheatish skin tends to become oily soon. So, it is better to use translucent powder rather than pancakes. When it comes to selecting the color, coral looks good.

translucent powder

Eye Makeup

Women who have wheatish skin often seen having beautiful dark eyes as well as dark eye lashes. These can be used to their benefit when it comes to eye makeup. One should select cream based eyeliners as they tend to blend with the skin making it look natural and beautiful. Nice dark colors like brown, copper and metallic look awesome on the wheatish skin.

Eye Makeup

Colors For Blush

Wheatish skin brides should avoid browns and beige as it just won’t suit their skin. Colors such as coral, rose color, deep orange, bronze and wine color works wonders and makes them look beautiful. But, too much of bronze should also be avoided as it might make the skin look charred.

A Little Blush And Bronzer

Colors For Lipstick

Wheatish skin brides can either go in for matt finish or glossy lip colors. Burgundy, Plum color, Berry color suits the best. One must avoid browns, maroon and reds.

Black Label Berry Lipstick by NYX


The final tip for the bride is moderation. No bride would want a certain part of her face to look more highlighted then the rest of the face. All the products need to be applied in moderation for the bride to look beautiful and glowing.


These are simple tips that can be followed by a bride with a wheatish complexion but remember confidence is the key to look beautiful.

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