10 Best Skin Cleansing Sticks

For the ladies, the lazy girl beauty hack is something that they would be looking forward to and the cleansing stick might come to their rescue. For the ladies having no time to either go to the parlor for a quick cleaning session or do the same at home, a simple cleansing stick would be enough and the best part, it can fit in your bag and cleaning your face will not be a further problem. Now it may seem as if a cleansing stick is a lip balm but once used, you would be astonished to see the remarkable side of the product as this cleans quite well. Many brands claim the best products belong to them that are available in the market.

Some Of Them Have Been Discussed Below As The Following:

1. Boscia Charcoal Skin Treatment Stick

A cleansing stick with activated charcoal in it. The presence of charcoal is quite capable of giving you deep cleaning from within the pores while glycolic acid helps in exfoliating and brightening up the skin. For oily and dirty skin that is hard to remove, this cleaning stick perhaps might be the solution to such problems.


2. Julep Cleansing Stick

One special feature in this cleaning stick is that although it may be solid initially, but once you rub it on your hand for some time, it will turn into a liquid that would be very gentle for the skin which after applied will give you the ultimate results and comes off easily as well leaving the skin soft for any further makeup to take place.


3. Su:M37 Cleansing Stick

Containing rose petal formula, this stick can give you the much needed nutrients that are missing due to dryness and dirt on the face, leaving it to be dull and unwanted. The anti-inflammatory effect on skin along with the calming properties that this cleaning stick provides are the reasons why this boasts about being one of the best in the market. It is a creamy solution made up of various oils and it can also be called as a supermoisturiser.

Su:M37 Cleansing Stick

4. So Natural Cleaning Stick

Another one in the market available that can provide good results against a dull looking face. This too, very similar to the abovementioned product as it has rose petals formula and number of essence oils that help in moisturizing the skin after being used. The cleaning properties in this are very valuable because of its deep cleansing properties.

So Natural Cleaning Stick

5. Nature Republic

One of the best cleaning sticks both with its functions and your wallet as this is perhaps one of the cheapest products in the market that gives you the desired results. The essence oils present are capable enough to remove makeup, even the strongest one to give you clean and clear skin.

Nature Republic

6. Love Your Bare Detoxifying Stick

made up of oils from rice bran, grapefruit peel oil and camellia seeds, this cleansing stick is a great makeup remover and at the same time keeps your skin healthy as well. It is so friendly that it doesn’t affect your skin in any negative manner if applied every day.

 Love Your Bare Detoxifying Stick

7. Mamonde Cleaning Stick

The one for deep cleaning deep from the clogged pores. If blackheads are a problem for your facial skin, then this product can be pivotal in getting you the skin back as this also helps in exfoliating the dead cells thereby allowing the new cells to come afresh. Thus, the two properties of deep congested pores cleaning and the exfoliating properties makes this product as one of the best in such business.

 Mamonde Cleaning Stick

8. Lemon Tree Pore Stick

Another one to have the combat properties against pores congestion. Not technically a cleaning stick but very useful for the purpose after cleaning off your makeup and allowing the stick to give you the nutrients and help your cause against blackheads and prevents oil accumulation even on the oiliest of skins.

Lemon Tree Pore Stick

9. Just Herbs

Containing neem which acts like an antiseptic, this cleaning stick will fight against all odds and remove acne and other skin problems created because of microorganisms. The fresh feeling properties provided by Aloe Vera also helps in cleaning of dirt from areas where other products might not reach.

Just Herbs

10. Lakme Skin Gloss

Lakme has been a worldwide hit in beauty products due to a reason, the reason being that provides one of the most satisfactory responses with skin problems. The facial foam stick from Lakme helps in cleaning the face with utmost force thereby giving you a much fairer and a cleaner skin.

Lakme Skin Gloss

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