10 Best Shaded Mehndi Designs


10 Best Shaded Mehndi Designs

Since the ancient day’s one thing woman loved the most is to decorate her hands and feet with Mehndi.Mehndi is considered auspicious and is applied during festive occasions. It is a must during weddings.In the olden days application of Mehndi was very simple and more importance was given to the color it gives rather than the design. Generally the elder woman in the house would apply it to the younger ones. Over a period of time, designs became more intricate and beautiful and mehndi application became a profession for many. Mehndi designs took various forms and shapes and many beautiful methods were created. Many styles such as Indian, Pakistani, Arabic etc., were evolved. Even in Indian there were many styles like Rajasthani, Gujrati etc. The latest craze however is for shaded design mehndi. This is a combination of light and dark shades which gives the design a very attractive look.

Let Us Now Look At 10 Such Designs For Shaded Mehndi:

1. Beginners Design

The first one mentioned in this article is a very simple shaded design. While many get their mehndi done by professionals, there are people who would like to try it out for themselves. This simple design is for those beginners. It is a simple floral design which is medium in size and one can see the shading done prominently. A single flower fills the palm and makes it look beautiful.

Beginners Design

2. Moderate Sized Rangoli

The second design in shaded mehndi is a moderate sized floral pattern which fills the palm. This requires some amount of practice but can be tried by the beginners as well. A large floral design extends itself to various other floral designs. Isn’t this beautiful!

Moderate Sized Rangoli

3. Shaded Mehndi For Arms

The third design is that which fills the palm, arms and all the fingers. As in the previous designs floral motifs are used to fill the hands and shading is done more in the wrist part making it look unique and beautiful. This type of design is called the Arabic Shaded Mehndi design.

Shaded Mehndi for arms

4. Special Occasion Design

The next design is the special occasion design. This is a combination of floral design and paisley design. These types of designs are more sought after by the brides for their wedding. The shading in this pattern is done in the Paisley as well as in the floral part and this is what makes the mehndi look beautiful.

Special Occasion Design

5. Swirl Design

The next popular shaded design is the swirl design. The design is motifs that floral and the inner part is shaded beautifully. This design is also Arabic Mehndi design.

Swirl Design

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6. Thick Bordered Design

This is again a paisley a floral motif mehndi. The main difference in this type of mehndi is that the borders are thick and shading is generally done in the finger design. This is one of the traditional types of mehndi designs.

Thick Bordered Design

7. Lace Design

The next popular shaded mehndi design is a combination of lace and floral motifs. The lace part of the design is shaded here. This type of mehndi fills the palm and its beauty lies in its minute detailing.

Lace Design

8. Pakistani Shaded Design

This design is generally done till the elbow starting from the fingers. This is again very popular as bridal design. The design includes the usual floral and paisley patterns along with leaves. The size of lines varies from thin to thick depending on the motif. All these features makes the design look beautiful.

Pakistani Shaded Design

9. Design with Gold

The next is the most amazing design. The uniqueness of this mehndi is that gold glitter is used for highlighting it. The design used here is floral and lace. But, the golden glitter that is added to it also with shading of the floral parts makes this design the most outstanding mehndi. This is a festive occasion and a bridal mehndi.

Design with Gold

10. Bridal Mehndi

Though any of the designs mentioned above can be done a bridal mehndi, there are also unique motifs that are considered auspicious and are applied to the hands of the bride. Also, the bridal mehndi designs are more intricate and detail oriented. They usually fill up the whole hand and the designs in both the hands are in coordination with each other. It is also applied to the feet.

Bridal Mehndi

So, aren’t these designs tempting you to immediately get them done on your hands and feet? What are you waiting for go ahead and get them done. In case you live in a place where you don’t find anyone to apply mehndi you can but the prints that are available in the market with the help of which you can make beautiful designs on your hands and feet.

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