10 Best Musk Perfumes For Women

 Best Musk Perfumes For Women

Perfumes have become the basic need in our daily lives and we do not step out of the house without applying perfume. It has become a habit. And we do not mind spending on these perfumes. And when these perfumes have that wood smell, you got to go crazy by the smell. The musk perfumes are becoming common and all the brands have a great collection of musk perfumes. Few are strong, few are light. The wood smell has something attached to it; it smells different from other perfumes and stays with you. The best musk perfumes available for women are listed below.

10 Best Musk Perfumes For Women:

1. White Musk From The Body Shop

The body shop has a huge collection of perfumes, and the white musk stands out of all. The bottle is small and pretty and the smell is just wow. It is fresh and can be used at any occasion. It is available in all the body shop stores and it comes in a perfume oil and body spray.

White Musk From The Body Shop

2. Thierry Mugler Womanity

This is the perfume! If you buy perfumes, looking at the bottles, than this perfume is a must a buy. The bottle is strong, looks rich and amazing. And the inside is far better. The wood smell is strong, and very womanly. You will surely fall in love with it twice, first when you see the bottle and secondly when you smell it. It is a must have if you are fond of great bottles with great smells.

Thierry Mugler Womanity

3. Gucci By Gucci

This perfume is a pure wood smell, with a tinge of fruit smell in it which includes guava and little bit of pears. If you like the combination of wood and fruit, this perfume is made for you. The bottle looks elegant. The perfume can be worn during the morning as it gives a fresh feeling.

Gucci By Gucci

4. Fuel For Life By Diesel

Diesel has created a musky perfume and it is one of their best products. The smell is strong, and it does not fade away with time. Once you apply it, it stays with you throughout the day- Fresh and Musky! The perfume has a slight smell of jasmine which gives it the lady touch. The bottle is bright pink in colour, and is a must buy and should be kept in your bag as one your basic needs.

Fuel For Life By Diesel

5. Estee Lauder Amber Mystique

The perfume is luxury. The colour of the bottle is nothing less than a precious luxury thing which you’d like to keep with yourself at all times. The perfume can be used by both men and women. It is perfect for an evening dinner with your loved one, who will for sure fall in love with you and your smell. It is made of musk and rose with a little pepper smell, a great combination of the strong and elegant smell of roses. A Perfect mix! This perfume is must have in your closet.

Estee Lauder Amber Mystique

6. Sexy Sparkle by Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret has never gone wrong with its scent collections. They have a variety of perfumes and each smell the best. But this sexy sparkle made it to the list, because of its musky smell. The combination of this perfume is musk with raspberry and it couldn’t have gone wrong. Both the ingredients smell great, and when mixed together they surely couldn’t have gone wrong. It is a must keep in your bag. This little pink bottle looks pretty and classy.

Sexy Sparkle by Victoria Secret

7. Sahara Noir By Tom Ford

The moment you will see the bottle you will like to keep it in your safe. A golden coloured bottle which has a musky cinnamon smells with a mix of orange with it; stored inside for you. You are for sure fall in love with it. And the orange with cinnamon can never go wrong. This perfume can be used when you are going out on your wedding anniversary and you are dressed in a beautiful attire to once again impress your man, this perfume will sort out everything for you. A must buy and it should be used during special occasions.

Sahara Noir By Tom Ford

8. Play For Her Intense By Givenchy

This sleek dark purple bottle has a musky smell which is mixed with some citrus flavours. This is feminine and this perfume is for those who are strong headed as the smell is strong and it also stands out. The sleek bottle is designed perfectly to fit your clutch which you can carry anywhere.

Play For Her Intense By Givenchy

9. Lovely By Sarah Jessica Parker

A perfume created by our very own Sex and the City Girl. This perfume is pure elegance. The perfume is made of rosewood and has a tinge of citrus smell added to which makes it a perfect combination. The bottle is beautiful and is designed in very feminine manner. If you believe in elegance, this perfume is a must buy for you.

Lovely By Sarah Jessica Parker

10. CK One By CK

This perfume by CK comes in a white dull finished bottle which looks pretty. The perfume is a combination of wood, citrus and floral. The smell is conventional and can be used anytime and at any occasion. The smell is great and subtle. It is a must-have in your closet.

CK One By CK

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