10 Best Makeup Ideas For Dusky Complexion

Dusky complexion looks stunning when right and properly blended makeup is applied. Dusky complexion does not complement each shade available in the makeup kits so it gets tricky to pick suitable makeup shades. A little mistake can spoil the entire look. So, it is very important to apply make up after attaining the full knowledge regarding the application under the supervision of an expert.

Here Are Some Amazing Ideas You Can Use For Applying Makeup On Your Dusky And Glorious Skin.

1. Choose The Right Lip Color For Your Lips

Nude lipsticks or light colored lipsticks does not go with dark complexions and make the face look patchy. Instead you can try some darker shades with matte finish to make your lips look amazing. The darker shades would enhance the dusky complexion and makes it look stunning. Try darker shades like purple, maroon etc which will enhance the look of your lips.

Choose The Right Lip Color For Your Lips

2. Use Bronzy Eye Shadows

If you have a dark and dusky complexion, you must try eye shadows which shades enhances the duskiness of your skin and complements your tone. You can experiment with various shades and can add a dramatic twist to your eyes. Golden shades with an amazing matte finish looks awesome on the dusky complexion. Select such type of shades to look amazingly attractive.

Bronzy Eye Shadows

3. Select A Right Foundation

Foundations are providing an even tone and make the skin look radiant and glowing. Select the right shade for your tone from the various shades available. Try 1 shade darker foundation to cover your face and apply it throughout the face while blending it perfectly. A correct choice of foundation could make you look stunning and gorgeous.

Select A Right Foundation

4. Never Forget To Use A Concealer

Concealers can do wonders o your skin. It can hide the dark patches, the acnes or pimple marks, scars, blemishes etc. Concealers correct all the impairments of the skin and provide a radiant and flawless skin. You must use the concealers on the areas especially like the under eyes, the nose, the cheekbones and the jaw line. This would enhance the shape of your face and would provide a glamorous look. There are numerous concealers available for darker shades which look so amazing. Try darker concealers to make your skin look evenly toned and radiant.


5. Use Dark Highlighters

Highlighters can be used for dusky complexions to glorify the look of your face. The amazing facial features can be beautifully highlighted and the impairments can be hidden using the highlighters. After blending your face beautifully with the concealers, highlighters with a matte finish on your cheekbones and jaw line. You can also use it as a blush and can highlight your cheeks with the highlighter.

Use Dark Highlighters

6. Use Bronzers

Bronzers can do wonders for your dusky skin complexion. Bronzers provide a more dusky and shiny look and goes with amazing dresses. Especially if you are looking forward for an evening party, you must use different shades of bronzers to glorify your cheeks. Bronzers add a more classic and elegant touch to the dusky complexion making the skin look more radiant and gorgeous.


7. Select Dark Blush Shades

Blush must be selected carefully while applying makeup on your dusky complexion. Colors like dar peach, strbwerry red, dark pink would look amazing on the darker skin. Try some amazing shades and make sure they complement your skin tone and can enhance your dusky complexion.

Select Dark Blush Shades

8. Try Grunge Makeup

Grunge makeup usually is followed by the girls with place skin. But if applied properly, it can look stunning on your dusky skin too. Darker lip sticks always look amazing on the dusky skin while you can use the dark gray or black eye makeup. You can create a more dramatic effect by using such shaded which gives a faded effect to your eyes.

Try Grunge Makeup

9. Experiment With Eyeliners

It becomes a bit tricky to select the correct eye liners for dusky complexion. The black eye liner always suits and enriches the look of the eyes. You can apply black eye shadow regularly experimenting with different shapes. Just a thin stroke of liner would make your eyes look sharp and gorgeous. You can use the liners with different colors if you do not want to stick with a single color.

Experiment With Eyeliners

10. Groom And Shape The Eyebrows

Nothing looks better than a perfectly sculpted eyebrow. The entire makeup look can look perfect only if your eyebrows are perfectly shaped and groomed. Also while applying makeup, you must apply the concealer under the eyebrows to provide it an even tone and to make your eyebrows look perfectly shaped. Never forget to fill your eyebrows with the fillers complementing your shade of eyebrows. Shape your eyebrows and fill in with the eyebrow pencils to make it look thicker and darker. The beautifully filled and shaped eyebrows will never fail to get a perfect look for dusky complexion.

Groom And Shape The Eyebrows

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