10 Best Hair Styling Products

Hair Styling

Healthy hair is the most valuable asset of any girl. Hair style speaks a lot about your personality. Changing your hairstyle gives you a fresh and distinct look. To set your hair perfectly in any hairstyle, hair styling products are needed. Hair styling products are offered by various prominent brands and are very easy to apply. These are made up of best quality ingredients that make your hair beautiful, healthy and full of life without any damage. They give you different texture and set different types of hair. Selection of the best product out of many requires knowledge about their pros and cons.

Here Are 10 Best Hair Styling Products


Mousse product is best for people with thin hair. Application of mousse gives volume to your hair without making them heavy. Excess application can leave your hair looking crisp so use it in required amounts. A coin size mousse is sufficient to start with. The best ways to apply it is by combing your wet hair well and then apply mousse to them. Some of the well-known brands are Enliven pro vitamin mousse, Toni and Guy Boost it Mousse and Beaver light and natural professional wax.



Little amounts of quick burst of hair spray to a hairstyle gets you ready for any event. Hair Sprays are one of the most loved finishing products for styling your hair. Sprays provide you both a light and a rigid hold depending on the type of look you require. Application of hair spray on wet hair gives one a crunchy look. Some of the top brands in hair sprays are Schwarzkopf Osis Strong Hold spray and Schwarzkopf Osis Miracle Volume Hairspray.

Schwarzkopf Osis Miracle Volume Hairspray

Heat Protectants

Hair gets damage from chemicals and heat and lose their shine and health. This is where heat protectants come into play. This product protects your hair from damage due to various reasons and helps your hair to get styled properly. Some of the promising brands are Sunsil Keratinology heat protector spray and L’Oreal iron finish hair protector spray.

Sunsilk Keratinology heat protector spray

Hair Spray Especially For Dry And Curly Hair

Styling dry and curling hair and holding the hairstyle is a tedious task. This task is made easy with special hair sprays which are designed for the use on curly hairs. Some of the most loved hair sprays for curly hairs are from Loreal Professional Nutri Control Cream For Curly Hair and Toni and Guy Curl Spray.

Toni and Guy Curl Spray

Finishing And Volumising Mist

If you have got limp and thin hair then no other product would be so effective than finishing and Volumising product. This is all you require to convert your thin hair into soft and voluminous. You need to wet your hair, blow dry them and apply it. You would experience that your hair count has got doubled. Some of the top brands are John Frieda Glossing Mist and Paul Mitchell Finishing Spray.

John Frieda Glossing Mist

Hair Serum

Serum adds moisture and shine to wet and dry hair. You can apply them prior or after you blow dry them. Use it sparingly on you thin and fine hair otherwise your hair will look thinner, sticky and oily. Some of the well-known brands are Streax Perfect Radiance Hair Serum and Matrix Biolage Hair Smoothing Serum.

Matrix Biolage Hair Smoothing Serum

Hair Gel

This is a very strong hair styling product that works superb on short haircuts. It makes you look classy and chic without any fussy procedures. Use a dime sized amount of this product on the palm and apply it evenly on your hair.

hair gel


Pomade helps to give increased movement to your hair and also holds the hair in place. It is suitable for both short hair and long hair. It gives more definition to your short hair and more texture to your long hair. Tiny amount of it that works up from the hair root to tip is just sufficient.


Styling Cream

You can apply hair styling cream on wet or dry hair. This cream gives you light and rigid hold as per your preference. It is lighter than other hair styling products especially pomade.

Styling Cream

Hair Oil

Hair oils are also effective in keeping your hair style intact. You can choose from herbal, Ayurvedic and natural hair oils that not only help in hair styling but also nourish your hair. Messaging with these oils opens up blocked capillaries and helps in better scalp circulation. This leads to growth of new healthy hairs.

Ayurvedic and natural hair oils

Not only these products style your hair effectively and safely but also nourish our hair. It gives you comfort and helps you look stylish. Try them now and experience the magic.

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