10 Benefits Of Zen Meditation

Benefits Of Zen Meditation

Zen, or what was originally called Zazen, is a very useful meditative technique. Originating from Buddhism, Zen meditation has made a mark worldwide. It is no more limited to the East. People all over the world have tried Zen meditation and obtained substantial benefits. Zen meditation is as easy as sitting down in a quiet place. Lotus position is ideal for Zen meditation. Breathing must be slow and through the nose. Eyes can remain closed or focused on a still object. The real challenge is to still the mind. To quieten the mind it is important to focus it on something. One can focus on one’s breathing. Beginners can start with a few minutes a day and gradually increase the time. The prime target of Zen meditation is to quieten and relax the mind since it keeps running over innumerable thoughts every day since unlike the body, the minds rarely gets the time to relax. One must try to achieve calm and quiet state of mind through this technique.Zen meditation helps in more than one way.

Let’s See How:

1. Improved Mental Health:

Since Zen meditation is directly focused on the relaxation of the mind it benefits mental health right away. One experiences significant reduction in everyday stress, anxiety, frequent mood swings and negative thoughts. It can also benefit those suffering from depression.

Improved Mental Health

2. Sound Sleep:

Zen meditation is especially beneficial for people suffering from sleep related issues like insomnia,disturbed sleep and night terrors. If done regularly before bed, Zen meditation can help one obtain sound, undisturbed sleep. With a quiet mind one can slip into deep sleep easily. A good sleep in itself is very important for good health, efficient mind and keeping oneself energized through the day.

Sound Sleep

3. Clear Thought Process:

Zen meditation can greatly help in improving one’s thought process. Most of the times, more than one thought are racing through the mind and this can hinder clarity. Lack of clear thinking gravely affects decision making. The stillness and quietness brought to the mind by Zen meditation can help one enhance clarity of thought.

Clear Thought Process

4. Stronger Intuition:

Intuition is not an unreal phenomenon. It is just higher order deductions that the conscious mind cannot make sense of but the subconscious is very much aware. Intuition is important as it helps take a decision where logic can’t help anymore. Zen meditation can help tap into the subconscious and make one more intuitive.

Stronger Intuition

5. Inner Peace And Happiness:

Zen mediation calms the mind and with a calmer mind one feels more at peace with oneself and life as a whole. It not only alleviates anxiety over trivial issues but also helps one appreciate little joys of life. On an overall, one’s outlook to life is greatly improved. Such a state of mind ensures happiness each day.

 Inner Peace And Happiness

6. Heightened Awareness And Creativity:

A calm and clear mind is more aware of one’s surrounding and can think in more creative ways than an unclear and worried mind. Zen meditation technique helps one become more aware. One is able to observe more clearly and decipher meaning from patterns in one’s surroundings. This can help think creatively and obtain solutions for everyday problems in new and unconventional ways.

Awareness And Creativity

7. Reduced Materialism:

Meditation helps one see what is actually important in life. Current lifestyle makes one run after material gains, which only adds to one’s stress levels. Zen meditation helps one see beyond the materialism and helps one prioritize aspects like one’s duties and self-development over material gains.

Reduced Materialism

8. Improved Sense Of Self:

Zen meditation helps one realign mind from the outside world to the inner world. Without losing touch with reality one can stay connected to self and Zen meditation is especially helpful for that. One feels much more connected with the Self and inner aspects like self-esteem and self-efficacy are greatly improved.

Improved Sense Of Self

9. Strengthened Willpower:

Enhanced clarity about life and one’s potentials enhances one’s willpower. This type of meditation also helps in boosting one’s willpower. It also helps on making one aware of one’s strengths and what one wants with life. This can greatly help in achieving one’s life goals and leading a more fulfilling life

Strengthened Willpower

10. Improved Physical Health:

With a greatly improved mental health one can expect an improvement in physical health too. Reduced stress helps to lower blood pressure. Zen meditation can be specifically beneficial for people with hypertension andheart diseases. It can also prove beneficial for those recovering from injuries or surgery.

Improved Physical Health

The above mentioned benefits are just incredible if you try zen meditation on regular basis along with good and healthy food intake.

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