10 Benefits Of Shikakai Soap For Hair


10 Benefits Of Shikakai Soap For Hair

Is your hair becoming damaged and weak? Shikakai has been used since ancient times to treat varieties of hair issues naturally, affordably and efficiently. To make your hair much more manageable and healthy start using this amazing herb for your hair and scalp care. Shikakai deals with all the causes of hair problems such as pollution, chemicals, dryness, dandruff etc. effectively. This beneficial herb is easily available in the form of powder and soaps to treat your hair in the best possible way.

Here Are 10 Benefits Of Shikakai Soap For Hair

1. Hair Cleansing

Shikakai is an excellent hair cleanser. Make a paste of shikakai powder and apply it on your scalp and hairs. Leave it for some time. This paste will cleanse your hair and removes all types of impurities and dirt from the scalp and hair naturally without any harmful effects of chemicals.

Hair Cleansing

2. Nourishes Your Hair

Shikakai not just cleanse your hair but also nourishes them. Add some other vital herbs like amla, reetha and henna in it to make it more valuable for your scalp. Shikakai has ample amounts of vitamin D and vitamin C in it which nourishes your hair from root to tip and make it strong and bouncy.

Nourishes Your Hair

3. Treats Dry Scalp

Use of soaps normally makes your scalp ad hair dry. It steals the moisture from your hair and makes it rough. It may also result into chronic skin ailments such as seborrheic dermatitis. Application of shikakai does not dry your scalp. The Low pH levels of shikakai and its mild action makes it the best product for people with sensitive scalp.

Treats Dry Scalp

4. Detangles Your Hair

When you shampoo your hair, your hairs become dry and entangled. To detangle your hairs you use so many different types of hair conditioners and serums. In the process of freeing your hairs sometimes you even lose few strands of your hair. Shikakai is a natural and effective hair detangler. After washing your hair with shikakai powder you don’t require the need of a separate conditioner.

Detangle Your Hair

5. Aids In Application Of Hair Dye

It has been recommended to wash your hair with shikakai before applying hair dye on your hair. The reason being that shikakai helps in better soaking of dye in the hairs and increases the staying power of it on your hair.

Aids In Application Of Hair Dye

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6. Easy Blending With Other Herbs

Shikakai has the nature that blends well with natural extracts and various other herbs such as amla, reetha, henna etc. that are some of the finest ingredients to provide sheen and health to your hair.

Easy Blending With Other Herbs

7. Combat Dandruff

A lot of people suffer with dandruff issue. This is one of the serious scalp disorders which lead to loss of your precious hair. Shikakai is a natural remedy that helps in controlling hair loss and prevents dandruff from occurring again and again.


8. Shiny Hair

Every girl would want her tresses to be lustrous and radiant. Shikakai is one such natural and cost-effective treatment that gives dazzling shine to your hairs and maintains it. Your dull hair starts appearing nourished and healthy in just a few applications.

Shiny Hairs

9. Hair Becomes Thick

When your hairs are thin you would not feel like trying new hairstyles. Its regular use of it will help you hair become thick and full of bounce.

Hair Becomes Thick

10. Cost Effective

Shikakai is a hair cleansing product that is free of chemicals. It is very much inexpensive and gives plenty of nutrition to your hair. This is one of the best hair care product to use in place of shampoo.

Cost Effective

Shikakai is one of the best natural remedies that help to fight hair fall problems!! Long, lustrous and healthy hair is within your reach!!

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