10 Amazing Spa Pedicure Products For Happy Feet

Spa Pedicure Products For Happy Feet

Most of us define beauty by face. In a spree to make the face skin flawless, we, unintentionally, ignore other body parts, and feet are the most affected and neglected of them all. They are subjected to maximum pressure and tussle in day-to-day life. From getting wet with sweat to taking in a lot of dirt, our feet not just start developing cracks and infections, they also start giving out bad odour. Such unkempt feet develop tan, fragile nails, dirty cuticle, chapped skin and above all, cracks that look ugly and are painful. If there are still excuses to get a regular pedicure done.

We Have Listed 10 Spa Pedicure Products You Can Use At Home, And Shower Your Feet With The Love They Deserve:

1. Elite Models Pedicure Nail Clipper:

Foot nails are far more harder and unkempt than your hand nails are. The blades of this pedicure nail clipper are rolled inwards, and are sharp and strong. The body is non slippery to avoid any undesired cuts. Since the blades are curled inwards and well polished, this clipper can trim the foot nails with whatever shape you desire to flaunt.

Elite Models Pedicure Nail Clipper

2. E-Z-GO Double Sided Emery Paper Foot File:

This is one of the best and cost effective spa pedicure product that actually works well on chapped feet. It easily removes all the dry and dead cells that harden the feet skin. Its blades are precise enough to offer your feet the amount of exfoliation they require. The handle offers a great grip and is close to unbreakable, since it is made out of good quality stainless steel.

 E-Z-GO Double Sided Emery Paper Foot File

3. Epsoak Epsom Salt Relax+Refresh:

This top notch pedicure spa product is a daily remedy for women suffering with super hard callousness and bad feet odour. Blessed with Epsom salt, this powerful product actually works as a detoxifying agent that removes free radicals, germs and dirt from the feet. It softens hard skin that results in the reduction of inflammation induced pain and redness.

Epsoak Epsom Salt Relax+Refresh

4. Conair Foot/ Pedicure Spa With Waterfall::

This foot massaging machine is your ideal everyday spa companion at home, since it cleanses the toes and softens dead toe skin for better exfoliation for dealing with hard cracks. The warm water bubbles ease stiff muscles. It also comes inbuilt with a pumice stone and brush that can remove dead cells and repair cracks.

Conair Foot/ Pedicure Spa With Waterfall

5. Premium Therapeutic Foot Soak:

What’s better than having a foot massage spa cream that comes with the added benefits of being a GermShield that works against fungus, infections, bacteria and sweat. It is infused with the benefits of organic dead sea salt, lavender oil and tea tree oil. It exfoliates dead feet skin and combats calluses, foot odour and fungus.

 Premium Therapeutic Foot Soak

6. Scholl Express Pedi Electronic Hard Skin Remover From Feet:

This is a battery based spa callus remover that gets rid of dead skin cells on feet with the help of its rolling brush, and it is portable too. It not just removes dead cells and makes your heels smooth and radiant, it also removes dirt and sebum accumulated around the cuticles. It is germ proof. Thus, it keeps you safe from the risk of catching infections.

Scholl Express Pedi Electronic Hard Skin Remover From Feet

7. Essie Spa Pedicure Leg Room Softening Foot Masque:

This is a triple action spa foot pampering masque. When applied on moist feet, it starts removing dirt and toxins accumulated within the cracks. When wrapped with semi warm cloth, it removes tan. And when massaged while rinsing, it flushes dead cells and moisturizes the underlying cells and repairs cracks.

Essie Spa Pedicure Leg Room Softening Foot Masque

8. Beauty By Earth Lava Exfoliating Pumice Stone:

This pumice stone is one of the best scrubbers that is used by most professionals. It not just removes flakes, dead skin and calluses from the feet, it also adds volcanic minerals to them. This improves blood circulation that actually triggers collagen formation, and the formation of new and healthy feet cells.

Beauty By Earth Lava Exfoliating Pumice Stone

9. Vania Skin Polishing Spa Cream:

When talking about foot care, how can one not make a mention about cuticles? This is one amazing cuticle softening cream that is loaded with the goodness of honey, Shea butter and natural oils. It softens the tips around the nail edges that makes it super easy to get rid of build up around the nails.

Vania Skin Polishing Spa Cream

10. Avry Jelly Spa Pedicure Pedi Foot Bath, Pearl Glow:

Want to get rid of the ugly tan and pigmentation on your feet that is a cause of major public embarrassment? Try the Avry Jelly Spa Pedicure Pedi Foot Bath. It is non allergenic, since it is devoid of parabens and phthalates. When used daily, it can actually elevate your feet appearance and can also pacify ankle pain.

Avry Jelly Spa Pedicure Pedi Foot Bath, Pearl Glow

Try the above listed 10 pedicure spa products to transform your dark, tanned, blotchy and cracked feet into soft and radiant. The best is, they offer the comfort of foot pampering at home, and are budget friendly too.

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