10 Amazing Prison Tattoo Designs

Prison Tattoo Designs

It would be quite surprising when you come to know that the main place where tattoos are originated is Prison. In the ancient time the people who were kept in the prison used to create several different designs of tattoos to exhibit their status, feelings and many other important things. So prior to making astonishing, weird and large sized tattoos it is important to know the meanings of these tattoos. Ensure that you don’t end up making the designs which represent the life of people living in prisoners. The kind of tattoo that a prisoner gets depends on the position in the prison. Prisoners of different countries have their different styles of tattoos that you would love to know.

In This Article We Will Present You Ten Prison Tattoos Designs:

Tattoos Made By Mexican Prisoners

This prison tattoo is made using colours of blue and grey with numerals. Number thirteen is drawn in the Roman / Arabic style on the hand. There is one more tattoo where stars are drawn representing the rank or duration of sentence.

Tattoos made by Mexican prisoners

Terrifying Prison Tattoo For USA Prisoners

This is a very awkward and scary tattoo of a diabolical nature. The heavy design of this tattoo looks like a prisoner lying on a death bed. The design is simple to draw but the heavy tattoo work gives pain to the prisoner.

Terrifying Prison Tattoo for USA prisoners

Prison Tattoo For Russian Prisoners

This tattoo seen on the body of Russian prisoners has a special religious and cultural significance. Their strong religious connotations become very tough to ignore. The design of this tattoo comprise of the cross highlighted in the background with an image of a prisoner who is sentenced to death just like a Satan. This is the strange irony of many of the Russian and Mexican prisoners who love them to be called as diehard catholics.

Prison Tattoo for Russian prisoners

Prison Tattoo For American Prisoners

This prison tattoo depicts the racial ideologies of American prisoners. It is mainly inscribed on the forearm of a person in random pattern.

Prison Tattoo for American prisoners

Prison Tattoo With A Crown

This prison tattoo looks very special and features a crown of a king with five corners on it. This tattoo resembles the valour of Latin Kings of Columbia. As like all the other tattoos, this tattoo also shares some hidden story behind it. People in prison do not advanced technology and equipment to create the best finished tattoos on their body. Their tattoos are inscribed using needles and low quality ink.

Prison Tattoo with a crown

Prison Tattoos Worn On Wrists

There are some tattoos which prisoners wear on their wrists. These tattoos are made in a random fashion and looks like non-uniform colour splashes, patterns like star or an encouraging symbol in the form of a thumb up.

Prison Tattoos worn on wrists

Prison Tattoo With Pattern Of Dots

This tattoo is a weird tattoo which comprises of arrangement of three dots. This tattoo is carved on the arms or close to eyes where each dot signifies different meaning. For example the three dots can be “My weird Life”. The three dots largely specify the story of their life filled with sorrow, cruelty, despair and crime.

Prison Tattoo with pattern of dots

Funny Prison Tattoo In Russia

All prison tattoos are not sad, cruel or grim types. There are tattoos which are very humorous and fill the atmosphere and hearts of prisoners with joy. Many prisoners spend most of the time of their life in the person. During this course they get to know other prisoners as well and form friendships with them. One of the examples of this tattoo is representation of companionship between the prisoners in the prison.

Funny Prison Tattoo in Russia

Prison Tattoos Resembling Drops Of Tears

This is a unique and strange tattoo which is very common in many prisons all over the world. The design of this tattoo comprises of drops of tears easily visible at the ends of the eyes. You must be wondering what do these tear filled eyes means. These tattoos have conveys varying emotions in different culture; it may represent a lifetime imprisonment or a person who has been imprisoned for a murder case.

Prison tattoos resembling drops of tears

Prison Tattoo For Mexican Prisoners

This is another tattoo very popular for its religious touch. People in Mexico prison express their strong religious belief and sentiments by encrypting large sized tattoos on their hands. You would see some similarity of these tattoo designs with Aztec art and can relate to a large extent. Aztec art has a powerful impact on present day culture of Mexico.

Prison tattoo for Mexican Prisoners

Aren’t these prison tattoo designs interesting? With the shapes of wild animals, locks and keys, weapons, numbers, phone codes etc. carved on the body makes the really special.

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