10 Amazing Foods That Are Rich In Fiber


Do you know that dietary fibers are good for your health? Actually it is. Every day foods that we consume are full of nutrients and fibers that are good for human body. Dietary fibers are soluble, easily digestible and good for our digestive systems too. The fiber in food helps in preventing constipation and thus you got a healthy system in an easy way.

Here is a list of healthy foods for you which are rich in fiber. Try to incorporate them Try to incorporate them in your every day diet to get the wholesome benefit of these foods:

1. Oats:

Give your day a healthy start with Oatmeal. Oatmeal is a very popular breakfast item which is a high source of fibers which digests easily. So eat Oatmeal Porridge or eat in any other form in your every day breakfast to consume lots of fiber at the beginning of your day. [1]


2. Broccoli:

This completely green veggie is full of dietary fibers and is a power house of other nutrients too. It is rich in vitamins and minerals which are effective for your body. The fiber content of this vegetable is good for your system. Try this in your every day dishes for getting the benefit of this veggie. [2]


3. Avocados:

This awesome fruit has high moisture content and rich in fiber content. Avocado has easily digestive fibers in it which actually keeps you full for long time and it is healthy for your body. Use it in your salads and consume lots of fiber every day. [3]


4. Flax Seeds:

Do you like eating dry fruits as your afternoon snacks? Then you must go for flax seeds. Try some roasted flax seeds in the afternoon snack. Flax seeds are rich in minerals and healthy proteins, thus it is good for your body. You can also include it in your smoothies also to make it more delicious. [4]

Flax Seeds

5. Whole Wheat Pasta:

Whole Wheat pastas are also another good source of fibers which keeps you full for a long time. At the same time it is healthier than normal flour made pasta, as the prior one is full of fibers. So, try it in your snacks for a healthier you. [5]

Whole Wheat Pasta

6. Papaya:

Papaya is also high in fiber and thus it is good for you. This yellow colored fruit is rich in other vitamins and minerals. This superb fruit is high in fiber content. This fruit is highly delicious; so you can prepare fruit salads with it or can include it in your smoothies. [6]


7. Spinach:

Spinach is popular green vegetable which is a really power house of all nutrients that are required for human body. According to the modern medical science this awesome green vegetable is a rich source of dietary fiber. It prevents problems like constipation etc. [7]


8. Brown Rice:

Do you know that brown rice is healthier than normal rice? Yes it is. In normal white rice there is high amount of Carbohydrate and less fiber. But in brown rice there is more fiber means it really healthy than normal rice. [8]

Brown Rice

9. Watermelon:

Watermelons are very delicious and you can find it in almost every season. This fruit is rich in electrolytes which maintain the pH levels of your body and fibers help you to keep a healthy digestive system. Try this awesome fruit in your salads or in your smoothies. [9]


10. Strawberries:

Do you like Strawberries? Here is a best reason to eat more strawberries. This delicious fruit not only tastes good but also very much beneficial for you as it is full with fiber content. It is rich in easy digestible dietary fibers which keeps you healthy from inside. [10]


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