10 All-time Popular Hollywood Fashion Trends

Popular Hollywood Fashion Trends

Trends come and go, and at times you can use many of your older accessories to experiment with the latest fashion from Hollywood. There are certain looks in each season that you simply cannot miss out on. These require you to experiment with simple fashion statements that would make you appear in vogue, but with minimal efforts. These are some fashion trends that can be experimented with women of all ages, and ranges from hair to accessories of famous hollywood personalities.

Here Are The 10 All-time Popular Hollywood Fashion Trends:

1. A Touch of Suede

If you want to look as chic as some of the glamorous French women then you need to add some suede to the wardrobe. Suede never goes out of style, and with the least maintenance you can carry off your mothers’ boots, or that old jacket. This season you have to add a bit more suede to your wardrobe, and get in vogue. Suede adds panache to your overall look immediately, and you can even opt for the simple style of a pair of high slouchy suede boots. Experiment with accessories like the belt, or even a touch of textured skin of animals. This would create a lot of interest in your outfit and put you in the league of chic women. Think actresses like Keira Knightely.

A Touch of Suede

2. Boyfriend Dress Up

Get out your boyfriends waist jacket, and gear up for conquering the world. The world fashion trend is moving towards these short jackets, fitted well on the waist. These are a mantra that let you get an upper edge with men, and create a unique style. These are jackets that look the best with cropped pants or skinny, tapered jeans. The look can be tried with shorts during the summer months also, or you can team them up with wool or leather trousers during the colder months.

Boyfriend Dress Up

3. Sling Bags

Remember that school bag slung along across your bodies? Well, the trend makes a comeback this season with the spring shows accentuating models with bags slung across their bodies. There is an added bonus here because you can wear these bags out in the evenings too, without worrying about stress on your backs. So, put in all the accessories in the bag and reduce the back stress. Kardashian sisters love slinging them on in style.

Sling Bags

4. Short Hair Cuts

When fashion trends are changing, one thing that you should also try out is experiment with the hair. Don’t style it in a way that you struggle each morning. Try and keep the hair do simpler and shorter this time. Opt for the chic cut, and try to get a smaller bob like look for the coming season. Think of Meg Ryan in You’ve got mail.

Short Hair Cuts

5. Cropped Pants

Cropped pants are a must in your wardrobe this season and these can be easily paired with shoes or boots. The benefit with cropped pants are that they can be worn for casual lunches, etc. Carrie Bradshaw AKA Sarah Jessica Parker swears by this.

Cropped Pants

6. Denim Jackets

Denims get on top this year with the fitted jacket making a comeback. Best worn with suede or corduroy bottoms they can also be teamed with skirts or print shorts.You can see all of Hollywood celebrities sporting this.

Denim Jackets

7. Boots

Collection of boots has been highlighted by many fashion designers across the world. The colors used in these boots would be bold, embossed with experimental patterns. Those who wanted to look slightly taller can get hold of platform boots, and gain a few inches. If you want to avoid colorful boots then you can opt for safer colors of brown, black or suede.


8. Leopard Prints

Leopard prints are hot this season with both men and women. Leopard prints in larger textures have made a comeback, with adventurous patterns on the shoes too. Women can opt for leggings, scarves, dresses, and even accessories in this print. Men can play it safer with lesser imprints on shirts, or accessories. The best actress to port this style would be Sofía Vergara from Modern Family and Chef. The hottest trends for the year are customization, with personal touches. So, grab your old denims and experiment with threads, imprints, and even slits. Make customization eco-friendly and recycle that old t-shirt to create an entirely new look. This is an all time popular Hollywood trend.

Leopard Prints

9. Go Natural

Organic materials and natural fabrics are going to be very hot this year. With focus on reducing global warming, and emphasis on eco-friendly products, both organic and natural garments are being used by designers. You can go a step ahead by using accessories made from natural fibers like jute earrings or bags, khaki and the good old cotton. Hollywood is simply going gaga over the natural trend.

Go Natural

10. Trench Coat

A hot favorite trend is the trench coat, which resembles the ones used in the army during the two World Wars. Trench in English has a different connotation but these trench coats are classic, and never fail to create an overpowering impression. Available from top designer houses you can buy a new one or use one belonging to your grandparents. Your favorite Hermoinie from Harry Potter (Emma Watson) has carried it with panache.

Trench Coat


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